Here Are The Best Fundamental Investors To Follow On StockTwits

On StockTwits we see investors and traders of all types. This includes value investors, technical traders, fixed income investors, and much more. In this list we’ve selected some of our favorite fundamental investors. In no particular order, we present the best fundamental investors on StockTwits:

1.) @ToddSullivan: Todd is a value investor. He’s been on StockTwits sharing ideas and commentary for four years. He runs the site where he covers economic trends and his value investments. He has been long stocks like Ford ($F) and $AIG for several years now.

Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 1.33.01 PM2.) @Skrisiloff: Scott was added to the StockTwits blog network this year. He is a CFA who is masterful at breaking down both market and economic data. Have a look at his work in this post about S&P 500 earnings multiples or this one on company earnings notes or this one on GDP vs Interest Rates.


3.) @microfundy: Microfundy is one of the best fundamental investors on StockTwits. He focuses on specific company details and you can find him analyzing anything from company margins to new SEC filings. In addition, he shares real-time docs that breakdown company financials like this one here.

4.) @SECFilings: As the name implies, SEC Filings will keep you updated on the latest company filings. This includes insider purchases, earnings reports, management changes, and updates on mergers and acquisitions.

5.) @alephblog: David Merkel is a CFA, editor of The Aleph Blog, a value investor, and an actuary. On StockTwits he shares links to the must read stories of the day. He’s also a fantastic  teacher on investing and often links to educational material on his blog. 

Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 1.56.32 PM6.) @d_ramsden: Dan is the CEO of CoRise, a New York based merchant banking firm. On StockTwits he shares two or three important articles a day that are either key to an industry or company trend.

7.) @biggercapital: Michael Bigger is an investor and a trader. He uses both quantitative and fundamental analysis. On StockTwits he has made quite a name for himself investing in highly distressed investments like American Apparel ($APP) and Crocs ($CROX).

8.) @WallStreetBean: The Wall Street Bean consists of Daniel Miller and Jason Robinson. Both are value investors who run their proprietary Bean Screen each week. The Bean Screen is a list of stocks that fit a certain criteria. This includes 30% growth rates, 20% profit margins, and 10% price ratios. Take a look at them sharing the Bean Screen here.

9.) @retail_guru: As mentioned in our people to follow during earnings season, Rahul Sharma is the master of all things retail and consumer goods. He can be found on StockTwits looking over company earnings reports and providing sound insight into the fundamentals of a company.

10.) @bbolan1: Brian is an Internet Research Analyst for Zacks. He shares valuable insights on tech companies and stocks that are seeing an increased amount of social interest. He also provides some of the best live updates from earnings calls and earnings press releases.

11.) @abubnic: Anne is a great person to follow for links, news, and investor conferences. She focuses on company fundamentals and management. She is an intermediate to long-term investor who looks at all industries and company sizes.

12.) @bradloncar: Brad’s speciality is biotech. He provides fantastic insight into biotech companies but also branches out to other sectors. He was one of the best  people to follow on StockTwits during the $DELL leveraged buyout.

13.) @marketfolly: Market Folly is the hedge fund guru. He provides timely analysis on hedge funds and money managers. This includes sharing links to investor presentations with long or short ideas.

Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 1.59.17 PM14.) @capitalobserver: Tsachy Mishal has an MBA and is a Portfolio Manager. He has a sharp eye on the capital markets and is incredible at following the flow of capital like share repurchases and buybacks. In fact, he has been covering this for several months now.

15.) @firstadopter: He is clear minded and is excellent at digesting and making sense of breaking news. During earnings season he can be found providing updates on company guidance and providing live updates from earnings calls.

16.) @Valuewalk: ValueWalk shares a little bit of everything on StockTwits but the focus is value. They share links and articles on the latest analyst and hedge fund reports.

17.) @vcutrader: He is a trader and a fundamental investor. He has a diverse set of interests and will trade structured products, global equities, and options. We particularly enjoyed his analysis of Apple’s earnings report. Here’s one example.

18.) Dividenddotcom: These guys are great at providing commentary and focus on dividends. They approach their research with both a technical and fundamental look. This includes sharing updates on recent analyst notes, charts, and in-depth looks at company balance sheets relative to a dividend.

19.) @Cristi: Cristi has quietly climbed onto the StockTwits scene with sound fundamental insight. He pays close attention to book value and likes to compare company market caps. In this example he compares Apple ($AAPL) to JP Morgan ($JPM), and here he shows his big 3 investments.

Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 8.11.53 AM20.) @EricSteiman: Eric only joined StockTwits this year but has quickly made a name for himself. He is one of the top rated investors on Covestor and shares smart insights about the companies he follows and invests in. He has recently been long Yahoo ($YHOO) and can be seen sharing insights about its traffic ranking and new sports pages.

21.) @NorthHarborCapital: Based in Chicago, North Harbor Capital has a knack for providing quick to the point fundamental analysis and also entertaining commentary. During Tesla’s ($TSLA) earnings, he noted that Elon Musk’s net worth increased by nearly $400 million in 5 minutes.

22.) @reformedbroker: The Reformed Broker brings excellent insight and commentary on the markets and specific stocks. His blog,, is one of the most popular financial blogs on the web. When he’s on StockTwits, he shares valuable insight like this comment on Amazon Fresh and this one on a deal between First Solar and General Electric.

23.) @ryknow: Ryknow is an incredibly intelligent and critical thinker about the markets. He focuses on value in both the individual company and broad market spaces. For example he was recently sharing images of a $YELP DCF model here and a blog post he wrote here about tech bubbles.

24.) @MercenaryJack: He is one of the best at providing timely market commentary. He also has an incredible eye for market news and updates that you should know about. For example, he was out sharing this Businessweek cover when it was first published. Mercenaryjack also observes the macro picture and big industry trends demonstrated by this share about U.S. automobile sales.

25.) @MercenaryMike: Mike is great at digging into company balance sheets with charts and graphics. Two examples of this come to mind. First, here’s a chart showing the changing gross profit margin at Bed Bath and Beyond.  Second, here he is commenting on analyst expectations for Cliffs Natural Resources and the change in sentiment.

Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 11.35.21 PM26.) @abnormalreturns: Tadas Viskanta is an essential follow on StockTwits. He’s one of the best and first link curators on the web. He has impeccable taste for articles, blog posts, and happenings that matter in the investment world. This ranges across all asset classes and investment strategies. He also authored a book that all investors should check out titled, Winning Strategies From The Frontlines Of The Investment Blogosphere.

27.) @researchpuzzler: Tom Brakke is the genius behind the Research Puzzler account. He is a CFA and investment advisor with a great eye on the markets. He also runs several blogs that should be included in your RSS reader. To get a sense of his work check out this post he shared about IBM and this chart he posted on Blackberry and analyst price targets.

28.) @CharlesSizemore: Charles Sizemore is a CFA who watches for value stocks and huge macro trends. Sizemore has been known to analyze demographics and politics in countries all across the world as well. He is the principal of Sizemore Capital and the founder and editor of Macro Trend Investor.

29.) @BidnessEtc: Since joining StockTwits, Bidness Etc has focused on bringing the best value and fundamental analysis about nearly every publicly traded company on a daily basis. They make excellent visuals and on their profile page, they claim, “we’re bringing the 99% back in the loop by presenting the best financial research in the simplest and most creative ways possible.”

30.) @JXMFinancial: Jason Strauss is the man behind JXM Financial. He is a masterful stock screener and combines technical and fundamental analysis. Other value and fundamental investors enjoy his work on StockTwits because of his screens. Here is an example so you can have a look too.

Who did we miss and who else should be on this list? Please let us know in the comments below.

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