Stockhold Syndrome

How to describe the tenacity of longer-term $AAPL investors?

The stock eked out an increase last year of about 2% while the $DJIA and $SPY skyrocketed more than 20% each. It has dropped nearly 11% in the past month alone. And, though it edged higher before earnings this week, it soon plummeted on lackluster guidance and disappointing iPhone sales.

Still investors hold on.


Jan. 31 at 1:24 PM

Perhaps a green $AAPL today? We shall see

One cashtagger likens it to Stockholm syndrome, the name for the psychological condition where hostages grow to empathize with their captors and, in some cases, even defend them.


Jan. 31 at 9:32 AM

$AAPL continues to abuse optimists. They were looking for 600 now praying for 500. Will we see this same abuse to 300? Stockhold syndrome?

Of course, $AAPL did reinvent the smart phone and fundamentally change the way people consume music—when folks don’t listen for free via streaming radio. So, it’s understandable why people would still believe the stock warrants more than a 10X forward P/E ratio.

And Apple longs aren’t the only ones bracing through the pain on beloved names in hopes of a return to their former glory.

Check out $BKS. Barnes & Noble investors continue to hold out hope that the book behemoth will come out ahead in the digital age. The stock is down more than 24% in the past six months. And even some investors don’t see much upside in the company’s strategy to bring its Nook reader to new markets.


Jan. 16 at 5:07 PM

$BKS Well whoopty-freakin-do! B&N NOOK for Win 8.1 comes to Australia w/ intro free books & mags. As an investor, shoot me now.

IBM nearly posted a losing 2013. It’s down nearly 5.5% on the month. Still investors believe that Big Blue will nail the transition from hardware into the business software cloud.


Jan. 30 at 1:49 PM

$IBM may be finding a bottom

Do you have Stockhold Syndrome? What names would you nominate to this list?


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