A Succinct Summation of the Social Mood on Facebook

Facebook traded nearly 20% higher in early action this morning as the crowd digests the latest earnings release from the social media juggernaut. In their release, Facebook highlights $2.59 Billion in revenue — and profits of $523 Million in Q4, easily crushing analyst estimates.

And about that Instagram purchase that was roundly mocked a year ago?


Jan. 30 at 9:36 AM

All you need to know about $FB’S quarter:

Instagram user base up 100% (180 mil) year-over-year, ad pricing up 92% over the same time.

It’s clear to see Facebook is clicking on all cylinders. The StockTwits Community weighed in this morning as the market got set to open for trading:


Jan. 30 at 8:30 AM

$FB At CC they addressed teens membership. Over 1 bil monetizable members, it is all that matters. UP is path of least resistance.


Jan. 30 at 8:43 AM

$FB Shorts say they avoided teen issue on call…no they didn’t. They said Instagram DOUBLED its user base…those are TEENS


Jan. 30 at 8:44 AM

$FB is set to skyrocket with increasing user base and healthy mobile monetization


Jan. 30 at 8:55 AM

$FB “Revenues outpacing expenses” I’m a businessman and that is what you want to hear.


Jan. 30 at 9:12 AM

$FB seems like even the polar bears are bullish on FB.


Jan. 30 at 9:47 AM

COO discussed how $FB is leading engagement for in-store shopping. Would not be surprised if they roll out a Shopping related app going fwd


Jan. 30 at 9:49 AM

$FB love how the company is quick to adapt to changing trends, news, trending features, messenging, SMB

And as trading unfolded, the huge opening pop gave participants a lot to chatter about:


Jan. 30 at 10:47 AM

Looks like a text book ‘breakaway gap’ in shares of $FB – nice volume to confirm that thesis. Higher prices likely coming


Jan. 30 at 10:18 AM

tough for market to “correct” when 3 horseman of apocalypse so strong. $TSLA $FB $NFLX


Jan. 30 at 8:16 AM

$YELP and other socials might run today– piggybacking on $FB momo

Finally, perhaps no message sums up the feeling of long investors better than this fun message:


Jan. 29 at 4:43 PM

$FB she asked me what happened, i said… http://stks.co/h0E1F

~ Sean McLaughlin (@chicagosean)


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