Why Didn’t I Buy Yesterday This Chinese Mass-Transit Advertising Stock Up 50%? $VISN

You know it was 3:30 ET yesterday and I said to myself, “Hey, why don’t you buy some shares in this company in China you’ve never heard of which provides digital TV advertising on buses and subways?”

I kid…I kid…but some of the cashtaggers on StockTwits with the guts to play in the micro-cap space were long $VISN heading into today. (The stock is up 50% in pre-market.) Many were long for simple technical reasons.



Jan. 16 at 10:26 PM

$VISN looks juicy if it can get over and hold 25. Low volume, big range, smaller position size http://stks.co/pse7

VisionChina Media announced an exclusive agreement to advertise for the gaming unit of Baidu $BIDU this morning, causing the explosion in the shares.

Keep in mind, we’re not talking penny stocks here. We do our best to keep the penny stock virus off StockTwits. But what I am talking about is some disciplined traders — who know their risk — smartly wading into the volatile micro-cap space. Looking at the $VISN stream, it seems it paid off for a smart few. But this game isn’t for everybody.


Jan. 22 at 7:53 AM


$VISN This is the reason why I get my principal back and keep the profit in shares. 100 shares in for free since the $7’s Thanks VISN




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