What You Need to Know About the New StockTwits Message Box

If you noticed this morning when you logged into StockTwits, we have a brand new message box.  This new message box makes it easier to share investing ideas, news, and information on StockTwits.

While most of the features are the same, we have moved some things around.  Below we highlight some of the key changes.

Sharing Charts

You can quickly add a saved chart from your computer to your StockTwits message by clicking on the chart icon in the right hand side of the message box.

Find the chart on your computer, add a symbol, message, and pattern (if you wish) and click the Share to send it out to the StockTwits Network.

Sending Out To Your Social Networks

You can still send your message out to your friends on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.  Right above the Share button there are 3 icons for the social networks.

To send out to a particular network, press its button to make the icon up.  For example, in the image above, the message will go out to Twitter but not Facebook or LinkedIn.  To make life easy for you, the new message box will remember your last configuration, so the next message you send will have the same social network preferences.

For more information on how to send a message on StockTwits see the Sending Messages on StockTwits in the StockTwits Help Center.

If you have any questions or feedback please let us know below or email us at support@stocktwits.com.

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