Welcome Seasonal Odds to the StockTwits Blog Network

danWe’ve just begun adding blogs again to The StockTwits Blog Network.

Our plan is to be absurdly picky and add only a few here and there when its just right.

The first new blog we have added is Seasonal Odds.

These guys are the real deal quants founded by Dan Nadler who is a PhD candidate at Harvard and a Visiting Scholar at the US Federal Reserve. Sweet! :)

Dan will be blogging about relevant historic patterns and his post today is a classic titled: The Market Historically Rallies After Major February NYC Snowstorms; $CAT Postitive 100% of the Time

Check it out.

If you would like to ask Dan to run a study based on any asset and its seasonal tendencies simply send an at reply on StockTwits to @SeasonalOdds.

One of the things I love about these guys is that they want to provide great info to the StockTwits community and from what I understand, they have a team of nerdy Oompa Loompas who do nothing but dig up potentialy tradeable patterns all day long.

Crazy right?

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