Wednesday Wrap: Your Rigged Market Just Keeps Making You Money

We’re gonna keep today’s wrap short and sweet, because the chart at the bottom is all that matters.

As the traditional media outlets and everyone with a thought about high frequency trading (HFT) continues to offer, ad nauseum, opinions not on whether or not the markets are rigged, but on how rigged they are and how badly we’re all getting screwed… The stock market just keeps chugging higher, making money for buy-and-hold investors everywhere (otherwise known as “main street”).

Excuse us as we shed no tears for the largest institutions — many of whom invested in HFT operations after noticing that their traditional source of skim (commissions) has been trending mercilessly towards zero. Please carry on as you were, offering us little guys minute price improvements on our trades and otherwise not affecting much of us at all.

Chart of Day = $SPX New High Close on a breakout in breadth (Adv/Dec & Up/Down Vol)

— 361 Capital (@361Capital) Apr. 2 at 02:46 PM


~ Sean McLaughlin (@chicagosean)

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