Webinar: Upgrade To A StockTwits Premium Profile & Offer a Ditto Trade Subscription Service


A couple weeks back, we announced the launch of Premium Ditto Profiles on StockTwits, which identify members who offer trading or alerts services through Ditto Trade and empower followers to subscribe directly from our platform.

Our agreement with Ditto Trade is great for StockTwits members because it allows them to not only discover and follow investors and traders who put ideas out on the StockTwits stream everyday, but also to subscribe through Ditto Trade to participate in their actual trades.

It also allows select StockTwits members to monetize their social capital.

In an effort to better educate our users on the features and benefits of creating a service on Ditto Trade and promoting it on StockTwits via the new Premium Profile, Howard Lindzon, StockTwits CEO and Paul Simons, Ditto Trade CEO, will host an after-market Webinar on June 5th at 4:30PM ET (1:30 PM PT).

Please register HERE to participate.


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