A New Way To Build Your Stock Watchlist and Track It Everywhere

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  • August 25th, 2015

We’re proud to announce that we launched a syncing watchlist on Stocktwits.com. This is the same watchlist you use on your iOS or Android app and will sync instantly across all your devices. Here are some tips for using it on the web:

1. How to add a stock to your watchlist

There are two main ways you can do this. The first is to click the ‘+‘ button at the top of the watchlist. This will open a search field where you can type and then choose a stock to add instantly:


The second way is to click ‘Add to Watchlist’ on any ticker page above the chart on the right hand side:



2. How to remove a stock from your Watchlist

There are two main ways to remove a stock from your watchlist as well. The first is to click on the ‘Watching’ button above the chart on a ticker page of a stock you are watching:remove1

The second is to drag the item out of the watchlist completely and then drop it. You must be in manual sort for this to work:


3. Ways to sort your Watchlist

There are four sort choices for the watchlist right now. They are Gain (% change), Loss (% change), AZ (alphabetical) and Manual (custom order).

Manual sort allows you to rearrange items by dragging and dropping, as well as quickly remove items from the watchlist.

To sort your watchlist, click the icon to the right of the ‘+’ on the top of the watchlist and then choose a sort type:


We have more features for the watchlist on the way, please reach out if you experience any issues or have other questions.



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