Using Watch Lists Alongside of Tweetdeck

On Friday we announced that the Portfolio stream would no longer be available in Tweetdeck.   We are currently working alongside Tweetdeck to bring our multiple watch list features to you in your Tweetdeck.  In the meantime, we’ll show you how to create a Watch List on the new site and make it a pop out window that you can use alongside your Tweetdeck.

First you must have a StockTwits account to create a watch list.  If you do not have one, sign up here.

To create a Watch List click on the Watch List button above the Real Time Streams.

A window should pop-out. Click on the green plus sign in the upper-right hand corner to add a Watch List

Enter a name for your Watch List and click Next Step

Enter the ticker symbols you wish to include in the list separated by a space (and without the $ before the ticker). The click the green plus sign to add them.

The symbols will show up in the list below.   Add more or delete any if you wish.  Click the Watch lists button to return to the main screen.

On the Main Screen find the Watch List you created and click View

Your watchlist will now pop up as a Real Time Stream.  Click on the Stream Options button on the top of the stream

Select Pop Out Stream

The Watchlist Stream will now popup.  You can view this right beside your Tweetdeck.

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