Tuesday Wrap: Your New Mobile Office

News out of Redmond, Washington this morning that Microsoft is finally expanding the reach of their flagship Office suite of products beyond PCs and Windows sent the stock above recent resistance and to levels last seen over a decade ago!

At Last: Office comes to $AAPL IPAD, a sure sign that things are changing at $MSFT http://stks.co/s06th

— Anne (@abubnic) Mar. 18 at 07:59 AM

$MSFT one hell of a breakout… updated chart http://stks.co/t070C

— Stt2318 (@stt2318) Mar. 18 at 11:23 AM


The significance of this news and the price action has not been lost on the StockTwits community. It appears new CEO Satya Nadella is not afraid to challenge the status quo or slay the sacred cow.

$MSFT the view is MSFT is accepting that Office needs to be on ALL platforms, not just Windows

— Kinji Watanabe (@Kinji) Mar. 18 at 08:31 AM

New CEO Satya Nadella is looking to make his mark and revolutionize $MSFT.

— Roy Ramond (@Bullrun) Mar. 18 at 01:20 PM


While a debate will surely rage of how much value can be extracted from Office in new venues, there is no doubt that Nadella is focusing in on ways to unlock enterprise value for Microsoft investors:

How much is Office for iPad worth? Microsoft’s stock market value up about $14 billion this morning, stock at 14 year high $MSFT

— Aaron Pressman (@ampressman) Mar. 18 at 08:48 AM


And if this were not enough, cashtaggers are pointing out that although Microsoft shares are just now showing small gains upon levels seen just before the financial crisis hit, revenues have continued an upward trajectory that may be fuel for further gains:

$MSFT revenue has nearly doubled in last 5 years: http://stks.co/r074s http://stks.co/h0PBr

— Daniel Miller (@WallStreetBean) Mar. 18 at 10:32 AM


All this and more has kept $MSFT the top trending ticker on StockTwits all day, causing some to wonder if or when this has ever even happened before?

$MSFT Can't remember the last time this dinosaur was trending on Stocktwits.

— Regulus de Leo (@RegulusDeLeo) Mar. 18 at 11:25 AM


To be sure, there are still some concerns going forward. One such instance is the shakeup in the Xbox division which has been a key growth driver for Microsoft in recent years…

$MSFT is a mixed bag right now. Analyst upgrade instigates rally at open. Product Chief of XBOX resigns causing massive management shake up.

— Options Elite (@OptionsElite) Mar. 18 at 09:22 AM


…and analysts have been slow to update and improve earnings prospects going forward:

Microsoft's earnings prospects are sloping downward. That's NOT what you want to see. $MSFT http://stks.co/j0P4r

— Tracey Ryniec (@TraceyRyniec) Mar. 18 at 10:59 AM


Will today’s events be the catalyst for upward earnings revisions which might further stoke investor re-discovery of a once glorious wealth creator? Only time will tell. But raise your hand if two years ago you ever thought you’d see a message like this? –>

safe to say $MSFT is a better buy than $AAPL

— MrWallstreet (@MrWallstreet) Mar. 18 at 09:26 AM



Congrats to the bullish crowd on StockTwits who rode out the recent consolidation.

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 1.58.22 PM

Trade ’em well!
~ Sean McLaughlin (@chicagosean)

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