Tuesday Wrap: Rotating Clues

Stocks kicked off a new quarter just as they’ve left the previous six: with gains.

But due to carnage in many of this years leading names, what companies are leading this latest leg up which saw the S&P 500 print new all-time highs? Investors looking for answers might find the StockTwits Social Heatmap a valuable ally.

Today, the Heatmap shows us that Home Furnishing Stores, Metal Fabrication, and Packaging & Containers sectors have seen the greatest increases in discussion on StockTwits.com over the past seven days:

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 1.01.26 PM

A quick click on the Home Furnishing Stores stream will surface Restoration Hardware $RH. It’s stock has been emblematic of the overall market surge as it traded today within a whisker of new all-time highs:

$RH is back near all-time highs. http://stks.co/s0ACQ

— SL 50 (@SL50) Apr. 1 at 11:44 AM


Tower International $TOWR is another stock making new all-time highs that you would uncover when clicking through to the Metal Fabrication stream:

$TOWR was in my watchlist yesterday! Strong action! Strong breakout http://stks.co/t0ACt

— Joao Afonso (@JCPAfonso) Apr. 1 at 12:18 PM


Users clicking through to the Packaging & Containers stream would quickly discover Crown Holdings $CCK packing up for a new trip to all-time highs as well:

$CCK is getting really close to a breakout. WEEKLY chart. http://stks.co/t09vX

— David Blair (@crosshairtrader) Mar. 31 at 12:38 PM


And much to the surprise of many, clicking through to the Aluminum stream will reveal the new market darling Alcoa $AA, which continues to build on a great year for its shareholders:

$AA This is one that I would take the chance through earning just based on the chart. http://stks.co/p0A0a

— Lloyd Cox (@tradewithjoe) Mar. 30 at 02:59 PM


The stock market is an endless opportunity machine. Some days/weeks/months are harder than others, but watching where the money — and increasingly where the social conversation — is flowing offers the nimble and opportunistic market participant an edge. Let StockTwits’ unique social and sentiment tools be another weapon in your arsenal.

~ Sean McLaughlin (@chicagosean)

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