Tuesday Wrap: Picture Day!

As the stock market resumes its upward march, sometimes words don’t do it justice. So how’s about a roundup of pictures — and a tip of the hat to our Chart Artists — that tell the story about the top trending tickers on StockTwits today?

$PLUG: up over 75% since posting this setup 5 days ago . http://stks.co/g0M2D

— Trader Stewie (@traderstewie) Mar. 4 at 08:40 AM

$BLDP 14 new highs and up 138.03% in the last month http://stks.co/g0M2O http://stks.co/d0I4U

— Jim Van Meerten (@jimvanmeerten) Mar. 4 at 08:45 AM

Stuck with $INVN even though daily a bit messy and volatile; weekly looks tidy & ready to breakout. http://stks.co/c0IEh

— Matt (@ibex) Mar. 4 at 12:46 PM

Burritos for lunch anyone? $CMG http://stks.co/j0LpN

— SassySPY (@Sassy_SPY) Mar. 4 at 11:05 AM

$BAC Launch off the 50ma, and if it closes over 16.63 then 17 could be in the cards for this week http://stks.co/g0M5l

— InvestingJungle (@InvestingJungle) Mar. 4 at 11:09 AM

$YY : up over $10 since posting this chart last week. Kudos if you played it ! Cup n Handle pattern http://stks.co/e0IGV

— Trader Stewie (@traderstewie) Mar. 4 at 08:53 AM

$CAVM set new 52 week high. http://stks.co/f0M1S

— Mark Engelhardt (@OptionsPlay) Mar. 4 at 01:38 PM

$ICLD 3 Month chart painting a good picture.. Breakout in action… http://stks.co/r03rk

— Scott Smith (@Mastertrader_Consultant) Mar. 4 at 12:00 PM


As a peace offering to the remaining Bears out there, this blog post will make excellent Wall Art if today was the top, so print this out and pick out a nice frame, just in case.

Trade ’em well,
~ Sean McLaughlin (@chicagosean)

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