Transparent Investor Communications Don’t Have to Be Scary

It’s nearly 2013, and publicly traded companies are waking up to the fact that investors are demanding more transparency in a world where social media makes it easier and more immediate. And their employees are already on social media – nearly all of them under the age of 35 source social media for breaking news and relevant items daily (if not hourly).

At StockTwits, we’ve built a platform that allows Investor Relations teams from companies to share and engage with investors, traders, analysts, and traditional media in a fully compliant manner, while providing all kinds of tools to manage and measure their presence in the world of social media.

As someone who has worked closely with the community at StockTwits, our team has been working feverishly to set, enforce, and be examples of best practices. We know what works, what resonates, and who gets the most out of their engagement efforts.

The first rule of engagement is common sense. It has to be. Don’t reinvent the wheel or over-think or over-analyze a potential message. Simply share smart information that investors and analysts might find interesting or informative in their due diligence. Be forthright when responding to investor questions. Be a real voice, not a corporate automaton.

Some great recent examples of companies exhibiting best practices using StockTwits for Investor Relations efforts are:

Each of these companies is consistently present, shares a wide variety of information, and encourages the community to participate in their events.

This is just the beginning. The more companies get involved with investors, the more we all win. Transparency via social media holds the key.

I plan to begin sharing many more anecdotes of social media best practices for Investor Relations. Stay tuned.

For more info on the StockTwits IR Product contact Sean McLaughlin (@chicagosean) at, or click here

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