Traders: Read These Before You Get Drunk for Football

Greetings from Howard Lindzon’s new personal trainer. I have special experience with men who become pear-shaped.

Below is the best of what I’ve read this weekend so far and hopefully this aggregation will save you the time of reading through all these publications and get that 30 brick in you faster before the games start.

NYTimes: Solar Power Craze on Wall St. Propels Start-Up

I found the Musk comments in this article about $SCTY a bit alarming (not to mention that he’s doing business with his cousins) including:
“‘Most of what I do is show up to hear the good news.'” and “Mr. Musk says the company’s stock price is too low.”

So you just get an update occasionally from your cousins, but you know enough to say the stock is cheap? This could hit solar stocks a bit Monday and also make you think twice about that cold fusion company your Uncle started.

Barron’s: Buyback Bonbons

Barron’s: Stellar Year for Payouts

These two highlight a fear I have about the market this year with the 10-year above 3%. The first also includes a warning from our friend @reformedbroker (pictured below).

An unprecedented jump in buyouts and dividends $DVY, most of it fed by corporations borrowing at Bernanke’s rock bottom rates, has got to come to an end. Makes me think that at the very least gains this year won’t approach 2013’s $SPY’s moonshot. (Full disclosure: I’m long a little bit of $SDS on the thinking we tread water and correct a bit in January)

WSJ: Andreessen: Bubble Believers ‘Don’t Know What They’re Talking About’

IF YOU READ ANYTHING THIS WEEKEND, READ THIS! Andreessen knocks down the belief that we are seeing a bubble in the disruptive mobile companies both public $GOOG and private (Snapchat):

“In my opinion, there’s nothing broad-based that’s happening. There’s no bubble, per se. Bubbles are a very specific phenomenon where you’ve got mass psychology and you’ve got every mom and pop investor and every cabdriver and every shoe-shine boy buying stock in whatever it is—going all the way back to the South Sea Bubble all the way through to the dot-com bubble.

There’s nothing like that. We’re talking about a fairly small number of companies. And then, we’re talking almost entirely on the private side. It hasn’t really affected the public market that much.”

Also Andreessen manages to work “farting” into this once storied and serious publication (Thanks Murdoch).

Boston Globe: Obama tweaks firearm access rules

These headlines always get the very volatile firearm stocks $RGR $SWHC moving on the fear the government is once again on the path to attack your right to bear arms.

Political views aside, these stories tend to be buying opportunities for the stocks.

Bloomberg: Tax Break for IRA Conversion Lured 10% of Millionaires

On the wealth management front $SCHW $AMTD, should you convert your regular IRA into a Roth IRA (Named for the great, late Republican Senator from Delaware Bill Roth) and take the tax hit upfront? A lot of rich people are doing it.

TC: Zynga Links Up With Bitpay for a Bitcoin Payment Test

PR move by a desperate $ZNGA or is CEO Mattrick getting ahead of the game with an eventual $BCOIN transaction platform?

AND FINALLY….Pope Francis with a great tactic for managers and a great lesson for all employees. Pick up the phone! You never know what networking opportunity is on the other side.

AP: Pope to nuns: Why aren’t you answering the phone?

More to come this weekend. Can’t wait to dive into the StockTwits stream (which is always going) and find the great things people are chatting about before Monday.





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