Thursday Wrap: Hanging in the Balance

Thursday’s trading action left much to be desired. The indexes finished mildly lower but continued to tease bears. Showing signs that a short-term top is in, we’re barely hanging on at some key technical support areas. But when the bears have the long-only crowd backed into a corner, the selling seems to lack any lasting conviction.

At the end of the day, Traders on were asked to sum up today’s market action in one word or sentence:

@chicagosean changing

— StockJourney (@stockjourney) Mar. 27 at 01:42 PM

@chicagosean A test of the line in the sand for me.

— Neil Blalock, CMT (@NeilBlalockCMT) Mar. 27 at 01:43 PM

@chicagosean irresolution

— Kurt Tech (@S0methingS1lly) Mar. 27 at 01:44 PM

@chicagosean Hi Sean ! my word would be choppy !

— Nicole (@TeddyBear) Mar. 27 at 01:44 PM

@chicagosean Flush already damnit

— Andrew C (@Andrew_C) Mar. 27 at 01:51 PM

@chicagosean slow perfection

— Patrick Campbell (@triggeredsignal) Mar. 27 at 01:51 PM

@chicagosean Doji.

— Chuck (@WhatTheChuck) Mar. 27 at 01:53 PM

@chicagosean Churnobyl

— Derald Muniz (@1nvestor) Mar. 27 at 01:54 PM

@chicagosean "the calm before the storm"

— SteveZ1 (@Stevez1) Mar. 27 at 02:00 PM


Couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

~ Sean McLaughlin (@chicagosean)

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