Thought Leadership for Public Companies on StockTwits


One of the many reasons companies engage with investors via social channels is to drive discussion around industry topics and trends, establishing themselves as resources to their investors and thought leaders in their space.

These companies often link to interesting, useful, or engaging third-party blog content and increasingly to their own company blogs where they discuss items of interest that aid their investor base in staying connected to themes, trends, and opportunities that may affect their investments.

Utilizing the RSS Feed Management tool in the StockTwits IR dashboard, public companies can set up feeds to automatically cross publish their blog content or press releases via their StockTwits account, ensuring investors on StockTwits and across the financial web get a chance to engage with their content.


RSS feeds


Simple to set up, this tool keeps relevant and engaging content flowing through your social channels, allowing you to aid your investors in staying ahead of the investment curve.

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