The Best People To Follow During Earnings Season

In the spirit of earnings season, we’re building a list (in no particular order) of the best people to follow for everything about earnings. If you think we missed someone, just let us know right here. Let’s go – here’s our list to get everyone started:

1.) @Retail_Guru: As the name suggests, he’s a master of retail and consumer good stocks. For Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 12.11.06 PMmore than four years he’s been sharing excellent insights and commentary about earnings that range from soft drink companies like Pepsi ($PEP) to huge retailers like Costco ($COST).

2.) @Street_Insider: If a major company reports earnings, you can count on Street Insider to have the details ready. They consistently share how EPS and revenues compare to Wall Street’s estimates. They also share press releases and write-ups from their website.

3.) @harmongreg: Meet Greg Harmon. He’s one of the most followed traders on StockTwits. During earnings season, you can find Harmon sharing charts and blog posts with both trade and investment ideas. During earnings season, he will provide some unique trade set-ups including potential option trades. If you’re looking to follow a real-time trader, Harmon is for you. Press follow.

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 12.22.27 PM4.) @TraceyRyniec: It’s always excellent to see portfolio managers on StockTwits. Ryniec works for Zacks Investment Research and regularly posts price and EPS surprise charts. They show how a stock has traded vs. its earnings over any given timeframe. Here’s an example. In this case she is showing BlackRock ($BLK).

5.) @Benzinga: Benzinga is a great source for market news. They have a large news desk dedicated to market moves. During earnings season, you can find them sharing both links and quick hit posts about earnings beats and misses. If you’re looking for a consistent earnings news source, Benzinga is for you.

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 12.29.20 PM6.) @Estimize: Estimize is changing the way people make earnings predictions.They are the official crowdsourcing company for earnings. The Estimize account on StockTwits is a great follow if you want to join their community and follow what everyone else is saying.

7.) @TradingPlays: Sometimes, all you need is a chart. You don’t care so much about an earnings report as you do about the market’s reaction. In this case, TradingPlays is your go-to follow. If a stock is moving after-hours because of an earnings release, you will most likely see a chart posted from him.

8.) @OphirGottlieb: If you respect both fundamentals and technicals, then this account is worth following. You will get the best insights delivered to you about earnings, balance sheets, income statements, and more.

9.) @FonsieTrader: Here’s an independent trader who loves markets and trading. Follow Afonso if you’re looking for swing trading ideas and instant earnings analysis. You’ll get both.

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 12.46.02 PM10.) @EarningsCast: Say you need to listen to an earnings call. And you need to listen to it right now. Well, we have a solution for you. Follow EarningsCast right now. They share audio to almost every earnings call out there and every link is on demand.

11.) @ACInvestorBlog: A technical trader with more than 18 years of trading experience. If an earnings announcement is big, he’ll be there to talk about it. Sometimes he’s one of the first people to provide earnings details.

12.) @silverjet: A true swing trader, SilverJet is a great follow for two reasons. First, he shares earnings reminders that include who is reporting, when, and what their EPS estimate is. Second, he keeps the community up to date on the big movers and will alert you about the companies that are making big percentage moves on earnings.

13.) @lamonicabuzz: Paul La Monica is one of the best. He’s been on StockTwits since 2010 and is aScreen Shot 2015-10-14 at 1.35.17 PM pioneer in the world of social media and market news. He does it all. Follow La Monica for fantastic commentary, links, ideas, and important updates related to earnings. He also writes for CNN Money and runs the #StupidStock move of the day. Click that and check it out. It’s hilarious.

14.) @AnalystRatingsNetwork: Here’s a great follow during earnings season. Why? Because they share essential company upgrades and downgrades. This becomes particularly useful after earnings are reported – who downgraded and upgraded who. It’s a great way to see how certain banks and firms view earnings.

15.) @TheEarningsScout: You have to follow the pros. Nick Raich is one of them. He’s quickly Screen Shot 2013-11-03 at 5.05.19 PMbecome one of the best follows during earnings season. His data is really unique and we don’t many others who have this type of analysis. Check out an example here.

16.) @OpenOutcrier: You’re about to follow one of the fastest growing accounts for breaking news. We know a lot of traders who check what @OpenOutcrier is saying each day. This account has a knack for surfacing big market rumors, whether true or false, and sharing them with everyone. Additionally, if you like options, you will find this follow useful as options are one of their specialities.

17.) @TheStreet: We’re all familiar with The Street and when it comes to earnings, The Street is consistent and timely. During some weeks, over one hundred companies report earnings. While it’s nearly impossible to follow them all, The Street probably gets the closest to doing it. Each day you’re guaranteed to get earnings news and links delivered to you.

18.) @WallStChatter: WallStChatter burst onto the scene. They started sharing news, stats, and big moves around the stock market. They analyze options, new highs, new lows, and a lot more. During earnings season, give this account a follow if you’re looking for quick stats about how companies are moving.

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 9.53.51 PM19.) @eWhispers: We highly recommend eWhispers. Give their profile a quick read on the right. You’ll see what kind of information they have. They provide a high level look at earnings that you can’t miss. 

20.) @StocksEarning: Here’s another great account for traders and for those who like to trade specifically on earnings releases. Before every earnings report, go check this account out for historical moves and data. They will show you how a stock has moved in the past and how that can potentially be traded.

21.) @TipRanks: An essential component to earnings season is to watch what Wall Street is saying after a company reports. Here’s where TipRanks becomes one really powerful tool. They rank and track every analyst on Wall Street. That means you can see if an analyst has upgrades and downgrades that actually play out.

22.) @ep_capital: How do earnings impact the entire market? Follow Erik Paul to find out. When the S&P 500, Dow, or Nasdaq move during earnings season, Paul will point it out. He’ll also show you want company may be aiding the move higher. Most importantly, he follows futures very closely and will have an update for you on that as well.

23.)  @ZacksResearch: Get timely articles and shares from market professionals. Each day they are scanning, analyzing, and writing about the markets. One of their own, @TraceyRyniec, is listed above, too. She shares great charts. Zacks also has great analyst estimates and ratings. It’s a comprehensive and well managed database. Follow them and check it out.

24.) @quantcha: Options traders, here’s another follow just for you. Follow Quantcha for potential option trades and option statistics before and after earnings. They’re constantly crunching individual stocks for unique option set-ups and probabilities.

25.) @JorelLaralKalel: Sometimes all you need is one market commentary follow that covers a little bit of everything. In this case, if you follow JorelLaraKalel you will get timely and little market snapshots about what’s going on.

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 2.10.38 PM26.) @LiveSquawk: We love global macro follows. Get news about forex, bonds, stocks, and more. In that case, LiveSquawk is your go-to follow. They focus on events happening across the world, and it’s interesting combine these insights with earnings.

27.) @WhisperNumber: One thing that’s great about WhisperNumber, is how long they’ve been around. They started in 1998. We’ve been following them over the last several earnings season. It’s been useful to get their Whisper Numbers delivered right to us. It looks like this when they share it.

28.) @TMXMoney: Say you’re in Canada and you love StockTwits. Well, don’t worry. Go follow TMXMoney right now. They focus on Canadian stocks and news. This includes their earnings. If there’s anything big going on in Canada, we check this account.

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 2.40.35 PM29.) @EyeOnEquities: This is Darcy Keith and he’s a professional markets journalist. Keith has been in the field for over 20 years. Just look at his profile on the right – it’s pretty impressive. You can also follow his colleague @MichaelBabad. They both have a great taste and interest in financial markets. You’ll get earnings news and links to the Globe and Mail about earnings.

Who did we miss and who else should be on this list? Go to this topic stream #EPSMasters and let us know. We’ll update this as much as we can.

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