These 5 Charts Show How Putin Sent American Markets Into Total Tailspin

1.) The S&P 500 had hit an intraday all-time high at 1,867.92, and then reports started to surface that 2,000 Russian troops landed in Crimea, Ukraine. This screenshot about a Russian Admiral caught our eye at 1:18 PM ET and then this comment about the troops landing at 2:49 PM ET. Here’s what the markets did after:

$AAPL Sheesh!

— Abazaba (@Abazaba) Feb. 28 at 03:10 PM

2.) The largest biotech ETF in the world, $IBB, happens to be one of the best performing sectors of 2014. It’s already up more than 20% year-to-date. It was one of the hardest hit sectors when the Russia-Ukraine news hit. Take a look at this:

Crazy drop we've just had in the $IBB.

— Brad Loncar (@bradloncar) Feb. 28 at 03:01 PM

3.) The $VIX exploded higher. So did most VIX related ETFs like $VXX and $UVXY:

$VIX The $UVXY travels +11% off the lows… $SPY, $AAPL

— BL834 (@Lach14) Feb. 28 at 03:25 PM

4.) Volume erupted on the S&P 500, and the index dropped right to its 50-day moving average on a 65-minute chart. This is highlighted in the chart below:

M5amhan shared a chart on StockTwits

5.) Then this picture was shared, and we probably don’t need to say too much more about it:

$QQQ It's Ukraine or no it's Putin. lol.

— Kimberly (@FortunaEquitis) Feb. 28 at 03:27 PM

Bonus: We made this several months ago. This isn’t the first time Putin did the markets like this. Say hello to the, “Putin Plummet”:


— StockTwits Data (@StockTwitsData) Sep. 6 at 09:48 AM

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