There Is More to Investor Relations Than Communicating Earnings

More than 200 companies currently use StockTwits for Investor Relations, and most take advantage of the distribution network we’ve built for them to broadcast key bullet points when they release their quarterly earnings.

But there is so much more companies can do to build a reputation for transparency and a commitment to their investors.

A great example on our platform today came from Alcoa ($AA). While some may consider Alcoa to be an “old economy” company, they are certainly leading the charge in best practices for using social media to transparently and compliantly communicate with their investors and analyst community.

Today, Alcoa held it’s “Investor Day” where they shared all the latest projects the company is working on and status updates of ongoing commitments. They held a webcast and invited any and all interested parties, via StockTwits, to join the conversation. In addition, throughout the day-long event, the Investor Relations team at Alcoa utilized StockTwits to broadcast noteworthy items from the event as they were being announced – in real time.

This was a fantastic opportunity for the investment community to not just hear about numbers and forecasts, but to learn what the company is really about – building products and meeting demand – and how they deliver.

Alcoa states on their website: “Advancing each generation.” Engaging their audience via StockTwits is one small but important part in fulfilling their mission. If you are engaged in Investor Relations for your company, are you fulfilling your mission?

Contact StockTwits, we can help.

~ Sean McLaughlin, @chicagosean

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