The Week In Charts

The Stock Market started this past week off on a sour note as $SPY saw it’s largest one-day decline since the middle of last year, scaring the b’jeebees out of everyone…


Feb. 3 at 4:36 PM

$SPY breaking critical levels, 173.6/171 next support, resistance 175/177.60/179.5

And just as the S&P looked poised to fall off a cliff, astute market watchers happened to notice this…


Feb. 3 at 6:54 PM

This is where bounces have happened historically ($VIX at 20-22) $vxx $UVXY $spy

…which proved to be spot-on as $SPY spent the remainder of the week regaining Monday’s loss


Feb. 7 at 1:06 PM

that was kind of quick. should be very interesting next few days. $SPY


Meanwhile, earnings season continues and several stocks had some eye-popping moves this week – both up and down.

On Tuesday, $KORS launched what is appearing to be a gap-n-go…


Feb. 4 at 6:51 PM

$KORS sweet breakout from a flat base on monster volume, if the market would’t be correcting I woulda bought her.


Wednesday afternoon saw a slew of reports that drove some serious moves on Thursday…


Feb. 6 at 6:36 PM

$TWTR RSI fell off the cliff today currently at 35 in deep oversold territory. Looks very tempting.


Feb. 6 at 4:59 PM

$TWTR and $AKAM today’s Tale of Two EPS reports


Feb. 6 at 5:53 PM



And Friday saw Expedia shares taking flight…


Feb. 6 at 4:47 PM

$EXPE WOW, It is amazing what happens to price when you have good representation at a CC. :D


All-in-all, the week had a little something for both bulls and bears. What will next week have in store?

For an in-depth chart dive, I recommend cruising through the StockTwits chart stream for all kinds of fantastic ‘chart art’ from the community:

~ Sean McLaughlin (@chicagosean)

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