The Time is Now For Publicly Traded Companies to Own Their Investor Communications

As the investing world deals with the fallout of today’s accidental release of Google’s quarterly earnings, it is ever more apparent that Investor Relations Officers need to own their communications and distribution. There is too much at stake and too much regulatory risk to have it any other way.

Investors should not have to be exposed to additional “communication risk” due to the extra touch points created by the use of third parties to handle information dissemination.

In today’s real-time world, information travels fast, and bad news travels faster. Public companies simply cannot afford the risk to their reputation and their brand resulting from investor communications error.

At StockTwits, we’ve made it easy for Investor Relations Officers to handle communications around key events.

An IRO can publish messages in real-time with the requisite disclaimers, schedule messages to publish at a time of their choosing, and set up RSS feeds to have press releases and blog posts simultaneously publish to all social media accounts instantly. Most importantly, they can handle it all themselves. No need to hire a third party and risk damaging their efforts.

Take control. Own your communications. The future of transparent Investor Relations is here, and your investors demand it.

Click here more information, or contact Sean McLaughlin directly at 312-572-9728 or to see how easy it is to get set up and engaging with your audience on StockTwits.


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