The StockTwits Ecosystem at Work

The StockTwits Ecosystem is growing and becoming more powerful.  Through our main sites: StockTwits,,, and Abnormal Returns we have been building an ecosystem of products to bring timely market information and foster collaboration and  idea generation amongst investors and traders.

This week, we got to see the beauty of the ecosystem revealed around a single stock – $IPXL.

About two weeks ago, @markminervini pointed out $IPXL.  Mark, a friend of @jfahmy and a trader covered in “Market Wizards” was coming fresh off some really nice trades in $VCI and a few other stocks.  A few traders on the stream followed him in.  The stock was trading around $14/share at the time.

The community got cracking on it and charts were posted from @johnsontrading and @szaman.

People began moving into the stock.  Some got stopped out for decent gains while others stayed in.  Most notably,  @TrendRida used some wisdom he learned on Market Shrinkology with @ppearlman on StockTwits.tvto let your winners run.

$IPXL ended up blowing out earnings, closed the day at $15.47 (up about 10% from 10 days ago when first mentioned) and those who held on profited.  Some even played it intraday today for a nice gain.

All of this shows the power of the StockTwits Ecosystem.  Traders used StockTwits,, and to share ideas, take action, and learn discipline to take advantage of this opportunity in $IPXL.   The StockTwits Ecosystem is powerful if you use it right.

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