The Sohn Investment Idea Contest: Get Discovered In A Big Way


The Sohn Investment Conference brings some of the very best market participants in the world together on one stage to discuss actionable investment ideas.

In conjunction with the conference, The Sohn Conference Foundation runs The Sohn Investment Idea Contest which invites all investors to submit “timely and actionable investment ideas to be featured at the conference.”

The contest winner will share the stage at the Sohn conference with some of the greatest investors in the world including Jim Chanos, Stanley Druckenmiller, Joel Greenblatt, Kyle Bass and Jeffrey Gundlach in front of 3,000+ attendees (See the full list of 2013 speakers here). It is an extraordinary opportunity to earn recognition from an elite panel of judges, the media and the broader investor community.

You can enter the contest HERE.


Lance Laifer

I had the opportunity to sit down with Lance Laifer who is one of the founders of the conference and who organizes the investment contest.

Phil: Tell me about the contest:

Lance: The contest is incredible because it provides a talented but undiscovered professional investor with the opportunity to gain recognition from some of the most renowned money managers on the planet on a very public stage. It really is like the Olympics for investment professionals with contestants vying for acclaim via the greatest judges in the world. The Sohn Investment Contest catapulted the careers of guys like David Einhorn and Bill Ackman.

Phil: Can you speak a bit about Ira Sohn?

Lance: Ira was a good friend of mine since high school. He was a fighter. I remember when he was sick and had to have his left arm amputated. He was a leftie and just days later he was back in the office teaching himself to write with his right hand. He was a talented guy too who loved children and so I think he would be pleased with what we started in his name, how we have grown it over the past 18 years and especially the contribution we make to the treatment and cure of pediatric cancer.

Phil: How did the conference begin?

After Ira passed, we all knew that we wanted to do something in his name that would have a lasting and profound effect so Dan, Doug and I along with Ira’s family began what we then called the Sohn Research Conference. I think there were 10 people at the first one and we were really just talking with ourselves. But Dan and Doug really ran with it and we’ve grown it every year to the point where this year there will be over 3,000 people in attendance.

The Sohn Conference Foundation is dedicated to the treatment and cure of pediatric cancer. The foundation ensures that the greatest needs in the fight against it are met by identifying innovative research, equipping and encouraging the best scientists to actively research pediatric cancer, and providing children currently living with cancer with the care and quality of life programs that they deserve.

The Foundation supports research, state of the art research equipment and innovative programs to ensure children with cancer survive and thrive.

The Foundation supports initiatives at various tri-state area hospitals and research institutions including Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Rockefeller University, New York Presbyterian-Weill Cornell Medical Center, Columbia University Medical Center and NYU Langone Medical Center.

Phil: Thanks Lance.

Lance: Thanks for having me Phil.

You have until May 2, 2013 to submit entries and you can do so multiple times dependent upon the number of excellent actionable investment theses you can communicate well. GO!

Josh Brown and I will be at the conference and live blogging of course. Should be great!


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