The Next $LJPC: Cashtaggers Have These 3 BioTechs On Their ROTH Radars

La Jolla Pharmaceutical’s management knew the formula to send shares skyrocketing: Toil on a promising drug, push it through successful human trials, then announce the results at the annual Roth Capital Partners Conference for growth companies to hungry investors hanging on every word.

$LJPC could this have been more scripted? Generous initiations and then provide results right before a Roth conference. $$ Raise all over it

— Detroitblues (@Detroitblues) Mar. 10 at 05:00 PM

Shares of La Jolla, $LJPC, opened 68% higher today after the company followed that formula with its GCS-100 drug, which improved kidney function in patients with chronic kidney disease in a human study.

La Jolla isn’t the only biotech firm that could have big news for the Roth Conference. Here are three other drug companies dominating the StockTwits’ chatter.

RXi Pharmaceuticals, $RXII
The biotech company, spearheaded by a Noble Prize winner, will present at the Roth Conference at 1:30p.m. Eastern Time today. Management plans to discuss a drug intended to reduce dermal scarring as well as its RNA technology platform. The stock climbed 12% when the company announced the planned presentation on March 4.

$LJPC Gonna be a wild one today…also for those unaware..$RXII presents today at ROTH (4:30PST) so a PR AH wouldn't surprise me either

— Wolf (@Strattonite) Mar. 11 at 08:47 AM

RXi’s drugs involve the much-discussed science of gene silencing, aka suppressing messages from bad genes that cause the overproduction of certain proteins and lead to health issues. RXi’s drug targets the overgrowth of connective tissues that can lead to fibrosis. The company values the drug’s addressable market at $16 Billion.

The stock fell into the red today when there was no news before its presentation. Some investors argued that the company would have to release any information that could move the stock before the market open. But cashtaggers remained largely bullish.

$rxii Not selling a single share. Seen this before. Will bounce by EOD.

— MoneyInc365 (@MoneyInc365) Mar. 11 at 09:40 AM

Oxigene, $OXGN
The company is working on treatments to stop the blood supply to tumors and will present at the Roth Conference today at 3:00 Eastern Time. Oxigene’s top drug targets ovarian cancer, neuroendocrine tumors and thyroid cancer.

The stock climbed 5% this morning, ahead of the presentation.

$OXGN More where that came from. Don't forget about Roth meeting at 12PM today!

— Chansey from Pokemon (@ChanseyTrader) Mar. 11 at 09:55 AM

Ohr Pharmaceutical, $OHRP
The company has two drugs in phase II development—the stage before the confirmation stage that precedes a drug coming to market. (La Jolla’s kidney treatment just came out of a successful Phase II study.) One of Ohr’s drugs targets the wet form of age-related macular degeneration, which is the leading cause of vision loss in people older than 50 and can lead to blindness.

Ohr’s other Phase II drug targets cancer cachexia—the term for the weight loss, muscle atrophy, fatigue and general cell erosion that can accompany cancer. Cachexia leads to death in about 20% of cancer patients.

It will present at the Roth conference on Wednesday at 3p.m. Eastern Time.

$OHRP had a great friday and today another 10.5% quietly making new 52 wk hi. could be a takeout target for REGN or other. hm

— Heikin-Ashi (@a5hi) Mar. 11 at 01:58 AM

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