100 of the most viewed, shared, and talked about things on StockTwits in 2016

1. It was one of the most-followed charts on StockTwits. It’s been updated throughout the year. It’s called, The Trillion Dollar Question and one quick look will show you why. 2000, 2007, and now. Spot the difference.

2. Admit you know someone who feels this way about the stock market.

3. We don’t even need to write a headline for this one. It’s already been written.

4. Election night was an electric factory. The country was going wild, mad, happy and sad. But this simple stat has been passed around over and over.

5. Yo this is the greatest ever takedown of a gloom and doomer.

6. Let this sink in.

7. Omg so much burn!

8. This is why people are turning off the TV.

9. Have you ever wondered what political party is better for the stock market? Your answer.

10. When consensus basically got everything wrong.

11. Bitcoin’s end of year comeback.

12. The winner of the first-ever StockTwits fantasy stock picking contest.

13. The greatest list of stock market cliches ever assembled.

14. We’re still looking for the person who nailed this trade.

16. The post-election pattern that says everything.

17. Wall Street is getting really good at this. Who was following the Twilio IPO?

18. Warren Buffett’s biggest holdings.

19. How one measure of market breadth nearly set a record in 2016.

20. Microsoft took out its Dot Com Bubble all-time highs.

21. That time everyone thought Deutsche Bank was the next Lehman Brothers moment.

22. The rise of NVIDIA has been jaw-dropping.

24. The ultra rare incredibly important Mallard Pattern!

25. The Trump win as seen through S&P 500 futures.

26. While no one was looking, the BRICs broke out.

27. Really, guys?

28. About that Deutsche Bank crash being a “Black Swan” moment…

29. Biotech stocks took beating this year and some traders were playing puts perfectly.

30. Remember that time Goldman Sachs upgraded Tesla in the morning, then a few hours later announced they were underwriting a $2 billion offering for them?

31. Ah, yes, the great shipping stock mania of 2016. The same type of thing Isaac Newton once nearly went broke on.

32. Many of you won’t even remember what happened at the start of 2016, but it was a nasty start to the year.

33. Everyone is still waiting. Will it be 2017’s big IPO?

34. Before Microsoft bought LinkedIn, it was creating some of the market’s most exciting trades.

35. That time someone made $74,000 on a company barely anyone was talking about.

36. Everyone was passing the following stats around before the election.

37. Amazon is building a grocery store!?

38. The guy who made $5,000 in just two minutes trading Netflix.

39. Here’s a list showing some of the most shorted stocks of the year. GoPro got demolished. So did Fitbit. We’ll want to check back in on these at some point.

40. This was just a fantastic blog post and chart. Nailed it.

41. A stunning fact about Apple.

42. We launched the freshest t-shirt collection out there. The Cashtag Collection.

43. The oil crash that was happening before our eyes earlier in the year. Oh, and about those $UWTI and $DWTI products.

44. The best performing assets heading into 2016.

45. How badly do you wish you got the oil barrel dinner?

46. The Deutsche Bank was getting so intense.

47. Because the market eventually ripped to new all-time highs.

48. The night of Brexit.

49. When Tesla made an offer to buy SolarCity.

50. How you should NOT have reacted to Brexit.

51. Sell the world! Another screenshot that actually happened.

52. After Brexit, traders were like… Actually wait, the same GIF applies to the election.

53. Earlier in the year, people were passing around a chart comparing the market then vs. the market in 2009.

54. A fantastic call on going long JP Morgan.

55. Don’t do it!

56. For a moment, Google was bigger than Apple.

57. Apple is now spending record amounts of money on R&D.

58. Remember the $MGT mania?

59. ETF growth continues to stun the world.

60. Let us not forget the market traded sideways for a YEAR and a HALF.

61. The VCs who made the best investments in Twilio.

62. When the British Pound crashed after Brexit like…

63. How the stock market looked the day after Brexit.

64. The staircase of worry continues.

65. That day the 10-year Treasury yield hit an ALL-TIME LOW.

66. Visualizing the collapse of Deutsche Bank.

67. It was almost considered contrarian to be a bull. Yet now you have to see the market in the same light as 1995.

68. The number of listed US stocks continues to shrink.

69. The rise of Pokemon Go.

70. Verizon bought AOL and Yahoo. That reminded some people of the Dot Com Bubble.

71. Because Apple is actually green on a year-to-date basis. Serve up those bears!

72. Exxon earns $3 million for every employee they have.

73. Amazon hit all-time highs this year. It also crossed $800/share for the first time ever.

74. The Nasdaq-100 broke out of a massive cup-and-handle.

75. Because the Olympics reminded us of how it feels to hold a stock through earnings.

76. Stranger Things was a huge hit and the $NFLX stream saw record message volume this year.

77. That moment when Hillary Clinton crushed the biotech sector with a single tweet.

78. The biotech debate about price gouging was raging all year and cartoons like this were being shared.

79. Janet Yellen memes were at their best ever in 2016.

80. Apple abolished the headphone jack. But why? Oh….

81. Someone used a Snapchat filter to turn Wells Fargo’s CEO into a dog. You might say it’s some small payback for the fake accounts scandal.

82. The Ryder Cup had traders relating to a certain picture.

83. There were so many Twitter buyout rumors, the news actually made it to Jimmy Fallon!

84. But the buyout of Twitter never happened.

85. The rise of Pokemon Go summed up in one image.

86. If Ken Bone was an investor.

87. Then Samsung’s phones started to explode.

88. AT&T acquired Time Warner and the memories are resurfacing once again.

89. The Steph Curry 2’s had jokes flying from all directions. 

90. Chipotle got crushed because of an e. Coli breakout.

91. People started to explain stock market movements with emojis.

92. The election night candle.

93. Certain thoughts we have all had about the market this year.

94. “Hey, so what did the stock market do this year?” *You trying to answer that question like*

95. Facebook hit new all-time highs early in the year.

96. Hedge funds are still getting whooped by simple S&P 500 Index funds.

97. A single Bitcoin could soon be worth more than one ounce of gold.

98. Did Donald Trump just change the course of interest rates?

99. If you bought the Nasdaq-100 at the very top of the Dot Com Bubble, guess what? You’re now GREEN!

100. The Jordan meme was everywhere. And now, we all wait for Dow 20,000… If it can happen.

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