The FLY late night transcript

The StockTwits Community went nocturnal this past week to ask questions of one of our favorite Money Manager/Blogger/Space Alien Magicians – @The_REAL_Fly.

What follows is the transcript of an irreverent discussion, peppered with genius insight, snark commentary, a preview of The Fly’s latest trading thesis, and the revelation of a devious plan to overthrow the mighty Howard Lindzon.



StockTwits: Let the questioning of @The_Real_Fly begin.

howardlindzon: What was the first stock that made you mad, first homerun?

The_Real_Fly: AMER, now known as $AOL. Turned 6k into 250k because I believed in the interwebs.

ivanhoff: Which was your worst year in your investment career and why?

The_Real_Fly: By far, 2000, mainly because I was a young punk, who thought my dick would stay hard forever. I nearly bankrupted myself.

ajb_2010: Who’s your favorite salsa singer? Screw stocks I hear enough of that from you.

The_Real_Fly: Frankie Ruiz.

howardlindzon: Any must reads outside stocks?

The_Real_Fly: Don Quioxte is the best book ever written.

RSDtrading: How do you size your positions? Volatility? $? %?

The_Real_Fly: Urinal shadows. They tell me how to size.

ivanhoff: Have you ever considered taking a long break from the market (1-2 months)?

The_Real_Fly: No. But my wife thinks I should retire and go shopping with her for a living.

arxitekt: Can’t ignore you today Dr. Fly. $CVI $WNR thank you.

The_Real_Fly: You are welcome.

kelkun: Favorite net stock to trade during the internet bubble circa 1999-2000 that doesn’t exist anymore?

The_Real_Fly: $ATHM and $CMGI

silentmax: who are the traders and investors that you look up to. who do you admire?

The_Real_Fly: I admire Carl “give me two seats on your fucking board” Icahn and Einhorn.

egregiouswinship: Need to know how you got Mrs. Fly to agree to a urinal in your house?

The_Real_Fly: I make her think she chose it.

bullishtech: did you ever get your bathroom fixed?

The_Real_Fly: Brand new. All white.

billdobson1972: Can you just trade Rydex funds and make those huge gains using your PPT magic?

The_Real_Fly: Rydex funds are for retards with small arms.

gapandyap: How big is your $WNR? Length and girth please.

The_Real_Fly: My cock is worth many millions of dollars.

arxitekt: Ever traded goat cheese producers? $SAP.TO  LOL.

The_Real_Fly: Nice find.

ivanhoff: How do you see yourself in 10 years? Still managing money or breeding goats in Romania :)

The_Real_Fly: I hope to conduct a hostile takeover of one of @Howardlindzon ‘s companies and fire him.

swooon: How come you don’t do The Fly Show anymore?

The_Real_Fly: Got bored.

pdm1010: what brand of oats do you eat daily?

The_Real_Fly: I eat that Irish shit. No sugar. No milk, like a man or horseman.

bullishtech: Any market related books that you would recommend?

The_Real_Fly: The Money Machine. One of my favs.

jaykza: How has your trading style/technique evolved over the years?

The_Real_Fly: I moved away from gut trading to mathematical precision. #SHOMP

Outofmiddleclass: Whats your realistic price target on $WNR, and where would u actually sell???

The_Real_Fly: easy $20. With Hurricanes: $30

softbatch26: Who is the shadow in your urinal you speak to?

The_Real_Fly: Some guy with a cigar and pinstripe suit.

egregiouswinship: is the growth in ETFs driving up commodity prices?

The_Real_Fly: Yes. The creators of ETF’s are the same people who want to cut your dick off.

arxitekt: you better join me on ripping faces of bearshitters during the day .. it is almost as fun as trading :)

The_Real_Fly: I enjoy shooting howitzers at them.

ChartSniper: whats your fav food/beer?

The_Real_Fly: Beer is for the unwashed. But if you must know, St. Ides PREMIUM MALT- duh

ChartSniper: also fav cigar?


Lightman: Saw where Citadel hedge fund dumped bulk of holding in $WNR – thoughts?

The_Real_Fly: They are dicksuckers.

egregiouswinship: Morningstar just upped Apple to a $475/share valuation – valid or vapid?

The_Real_Fly: All junior analysts at Moody’s and Morningstar, regular asshats.

silentmax: what is your beef with the “bow tied one” and his folksy demeanor.

The_Real_Fly: Never trust a man who conducts interviews on a treadmill. My old partner used to call him and he’d be on treadmill EVERY TIME.

RosenRush: What will make you turn bearish?

The_Real_Fly: Getting there soon.

kwonk03: hey fly… reading since blogspot era… memories of $MVIS, $ARWR, kicking trader servants.. ibankcoin kicks ass. all in on $WNR.

The_Real_Fly: Thanks.

ivanhoff: Why did you start and do you have an exit strategy for it?

The_Real_Fly: No. I built it to be a profitable business, no debt. It’s working.

arxitekt: Do you ever trade Canadian market? or any other country?

The_Real_Fly: Nothing good has ever come out of Canada, i.e. @howardlindzon, Sino Forest.

arxitekt: but you’re in love with Canadian girl $EXK

The_Real_Fly: Sold that whore.

inloworbit: why only equity trades?

The_Real_Fly: I secretly trade options and some bonds.

ajb_2010: Who would you fire of the anchors at CNBC if you could pick one? What annoys you about the financial media?

The_Real_Fly: That’s easy: Joe Terranova. Oh, anchors: Bartiohummer.

arxitekt: Gold price prediction in one year?

The_Real_Fly: $2,250

WeeklyTA: my bro, what is the value of charting?

The_Real_Fly: It is the same as watching leaves fall from a tree.

vpcalima: Does #SHOMP dictate overall bearish/bullish sentiment?

The_Real_Fly: It is bearish now, since yesterday actually.

yogagirl333: why do you have this avatar?

The_Real_Fly: I took this photo before conducting brain surgery on someone.

Kris_Herring: Would you give it all up to pitch for the Mets?

The_Real_Fly: No, I blew out my rotator cuff in High School.

inloworbit: Do you use the PPT for option and bond trades?

The_Real_Fly: No

ivanhoff: From your perspective, what are the pros and cons of managing other people’s money?

The_Real_Fly: People are ingrates. Pros: Trial and error makes for a good investor.

Outofmiddleclass: where in NYC do you live?

The_Real_Fly: Staten Island.

Outofmiddleclass: thats not NYC! haha, step it up

The_Real_Fly:  Subs. Family man, kids.

Outofmiddleclass: ..true..ever consider long island?

The_Real_Fly: I hate where I live and Long Island. I am out soon.

vsistla: What are the odds of Greece default impacting US economy with our high debt?

The_Real_Fly: I am not afraid of Greece. It’s Portugal I worry about.

Chichikin: What keeps you at this game?

The_Real_Fly: I have a goal.

arxitekt: are we in a bull market?

The_Real_Fly: Tail end.

kwonk03: Is an Android App in the works for IBankCoin?

The_Real_Fly: Not yet.

RosenRush: How many times do you think I need to blow up my account before I am ready to make a real run at doing this full time?

The_Real_Fly: 3

milktrader: only 3 ?!?!

The_Real_Fly: if more, you suck.

bullishtech: what was the latest thesis you were going to unveil?


vsistla: what’s your year end projection for $GOLD?

The_Real_Fly: $2000.

wallstreetbean: Do you have an opinion on the offshore drilling industry going forward? bullish, bearish?

The_Real_Fly: Bearish on oil, short term.

RosenRush: Is this just for amusement or do you actually get something for drawing attention to the site?

The_Real_Fly: Just for fun.

vpcalima: Days like yesterday, where you’re making space alien moves to get in black, how is a piker to match such grandeur?

The_Real_Fly: You cannot, as your brain is too small.

dillhole: You still long MVIS?

The_Real_Fly: FUCK YOU.

ivanhoff: Do you consider your conviction in your investment thesis your biggest weakness or your biggest strength?

The_Real_Fly: Strength. I am able to buy without fear.

bullishtech: Do you think we’re headed to hell in a hand-basket (with regards to current macro issues)?

The_Real_Fly: Eventually, YES.

Hammy: Short anything now?

The_Real_Fly: Soon, not now.

arxitekt: Do you want your kids to become traders like yourself?

The_Real_Fly: NEVER. Engineers.

vpcalima: You often speak of slapping your traders in the face with hot pizza. Do you in fact have other people executing your trades?

The_Real_Fly: I used to. No more.

bullishtech: your charting is MOST excellent, kind sir.

The_Real_Fly: Thank you good Sir.

swooon: who taught you how to draw?

The_Real_Fly: Self learned.

swooon: do you really work out twice a day?

The_Real_Fly: I do indeed.

Chango: Favorite ice cube song?

The_Real_Fly: Today was a good day.

egregiouswinship: The C&H formation is very flaccid, yet ominous – who is it smoking the cigar, about to be VW-Bug-impaled?

The_Real_Fly: That’s the Dorito head guy, smoking a cigarette, drinking a martini – the ultimate sign of decadence.

nickyc_: Do you know your exact stop when you place a trade?

The_Real_Fly: Stops are for cock gobblins.

vsistla: What are the odds of getting QE3 with high unemployment looming?

The_Real_Fly: Super High.

FLCheshire: is the gold and silver trade a bubble?

The_Real_Fly: No.

Outofmiddleclass: I know you where in contact with $FTK at the time…does this happen often? Have you ever spoken to someone from $WNR???

The_Real_Fly: Yes

ColonelVonRyan: Ever thought about a structured bond portfolio in your personal and living the life of a Gentleman trader?

The_Real_Fly: No.

stockcats: Are you Tweeting this from the past, present or future?

The_Real_Fly: Present.

arxitekt: I cannot belive how many people just registered on stocktwits just to talk to @The_Real_Fly.

The_Real_Fly: I am the BLOGFATHER.

The_Real_Fly: I vanish in 3 minutes, not by choice.

Lightman: Is that a penguin staring at your $SPY dick?

The_Real_Fly: Good eye. It is indeud.

inloworbit: How do you know Create Capital?

The_Real_Fly: I used to watch him on CNBC when I was a punk rookie.

ogma107: why was DB so late to the party on WNR? Crack spreads have been huge for months…

The_Real_Fly: Dicksuckers.

dschorrnyc: what’s crazy is you actually spent time on this chart. Shows a sense of drive.

The_Real_Fly: I am not your average chartist.

yogagirl333: Your writing/blog is hilarious. Cracks me up every time.

The_Real_Fly: Thanks.

ivanhoff: What do you read on a daily basis?

The_Real_Fly: WSJ.

flaunt: Could you take a pic of yourself as a bat?

The_Real_Fly: Yes

swooon: Quick before you vanish. Thank you very much. A king among men.

The_Real_Fly: Thanks.

GoodShepherd: is $VIX going to spike above 25 in the next 6 months?

The_Real_Fly: 40

StockTwits: The Q & A session with @the_real_fly is over now. Thank you Batman and everyone else for participating.

The_Real_Fly: see you next week (VANISHES INTO A VAMPIRE BAT).


The Fly blogs at, and his handle @The_REAL_Fly is a must follow on StockTwits.

– Compiled by Sean McLaughlin: Editor, StockTwits (@chicagosean)

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