The Cashtag Awards: The Stock Market’s First Award Show

Someone had to do it.

The stock market needs its own award show. What was the chart of the year? 🚀 Who was the best trader to follow? 💰 What was the most outrageous call? ‍❗️

The list goes on.

It’s almost remarkable no one has done this yet. But here we are. Swooping in to save the day. We’re going to bring you something incredible. Our plan is to give awards to the best people, companies, and stock market moments of 2016.

Introducing the first-ever Cashtag Awards, taking place in New York City on March 30th. As part of Stocktoberfest East, the Cashtag Awards will combine social media and finance. Sit back, relax, and keep reading to see who’s been nominated. The ceremony will be hosted by Josh Brown and Howard Lindzon.

Here are the finalists for each award category. They were voted by the community, and curated by a panel of judges. Let’s go!

The Greatest Chart of 2016

When you think of 2016, what is the one chart that comes to mind? What was everyone sharing?

A. S&P 500 Futures crash but then pop on the night of the election (remember this night? And how everyone felt?)

B. $NVDA climbs more than 300% in 2016 and its market cap goes from $15 billion to $60 billion (NVIDIA in December)

C. DryShips $DRYS spikes more than 1,000% in just a few days and creates pure market mania (yes it went from $3 to $100)

D. Bitcoin climbs back above $1,000 (and what a year it had)

Honorable mention: FTSE hits all-time highs after Brexit, Brazil Bovespa doubles from start of year to end

The Most Talked About Market Story of 2016

There were some memorable moments in 2016. But let’s take a second to pick THE single moment that made the crowds go wild.

A. The Trump Rally

B. Brexit and its impact on the world

C. The scandal and crash at Valeant $VRX

D. Twitter $TWTR buyout rumors

Honorable mention: Negative interest rates, the rally in semiconductors, the crash of Deutsche Bank

The Content Crusher: Best Financial Blog of 2016

There are some great financial blogs and writers on the Internet. Who was your favorite in 2016?

A. Matt Levine (Bloomberg View)

B. Urban Carmel (The Fat Pitch)

C. J.C. Parets (All Star Charts)

D. Michael Batnick (The Irrelevant Investor)

E. Morgan Housel (Collaborative Fund)

F. Tadas Viskanta (Abnormal Returns)

Honorable mention: Eddy Elfenbein (Crossing Wall Street), Jesse Felder (The Felder Report), Cullen Roche (Prag Cap), Ben Carlson (A Wealth of Common Sense)

Financial Twitter Account of the Year

If you’re on financial Twitter, who did you enjoy following and interacting with most? They made you laugh, made you share, or always had something interesting to talk about.

A. @Stockcats

B. @MichaelBatnick

C. @Jesse_Livermore

D. @WuTangFinancial

E. @RampCapitalLLC

F. @TheStalwart

G. @Katie_Martin_FX

H. @CarlQuintanilla

StockTwits Person of the Year

Who was your favorite person to follow on StockTwits in 2016? Did they produce great charts? Trade ideas? Pick your favorite.

A. @CharlieBilello

B. @HitTheBidRadio

C. @JBoorman

D. @JackDamn

E. @HarmonGreg

F. @AndrewNyquist

G. @AnneMarieTrades

H. @AlphaTrends

Honorable mention: @Chessnwine, @CrossHairTrader, @Jlyonsfundmgmt, @TraceyRyniec, @DanZanger, @FinanceTrends

Best Investment Fund or Advisor Use of Social Media

Social media is getting really important. Especially for the investment industry. What firm or company did the best job in 2016?

A. Ritholtz Wealth Management

B. Pension Partners

C. Bespoke Invest

D. SentimenTrader

E. AQR and Cliff Asness

Honorable mention: Hussman Funds, Fabian Capital, JBL Wealth Advisory, Cambria Investment Management, 361 Capital, New River Invest

StockTwits Rising Star of the Year

New traders and investors are joining the markets each day. But only a few consistently grow and rise to the top. Who did that in 2016 on StockTwits?

A. @ATMCharts

B. @EvanMedeiros

C. @Callum_Thomas

D. @Trading4Living

E. @1SimpleTrader

F. @QuothTheRaven

Honorable mention: @EveryTimeICash, @TXPlunger, @Sjosephburns, @OMillionaires, @Hedgopia, @SharePlanner

The Best Stock Market Bot of 2016

Tell us who you think built the best stock market bot.

A. @SwingTradeBot

B. @TradeIdeasQuant

C. @EstimizeNotify

D. @Quantocracy

E. @AlpacaAlerts

F. @StockNews

Honorable mention: @EarningsCast, @MarketCharts, @Zquant

The Most Outrageous Market Call

There were some outrageous things said and done in 2016.

A. Carl Icahn buys $1 billion in futures on the night of the election (story here)

B. Bill Ackman stays long Valeant (story here)

C. Dennis Gartman says, “Sell The World” in June 2016 (video here)

D. RBS says, “Sell Everything” in January 2016 (story here)

E. Barron’s releases a cover that says “Here Comes $20 Oil” (cover here)

The Market Meme of Year

What meme was used the most in the stock market?

A. Crying Jordan


C. The 3:30 ramp

D. Anything “Dow 20,000” Hat

E. “To The moon!”

F. Make (add anything stock market-related) Great Again!

G. Under Armour and the Steph Curry 2’s

Honorable mention: Galaxy Note 7 explodes, Apple kills the headphone jack, Chipotle e. Coli jokes, Ken Bone

Chart Artist of the Year

Who creates the best charts each day and week? It’s time to give the best chartists on social media some recognition.

A. @AllStarCharts

B. @KimbleCharting

C. @Jlyonsfundmgmt

D. @TraderStewie

E. @CharlieBilello

F. @JeffMacke

G. @PeterLBrandt

H. @MarkNewtonCMT

I. @JohnKicklighter

The Best Use of Social Data

What company is using social media data the best to create interesting tools for journalists and market participants?

A. Bloomberg

B. TickerTags

C. LikeFolio

D. Social Market Analytics

E. Buzz Indexes

F. PsychSignal

Best Stock Market Coverage

What is the publication you turn to most for investing information?

A. Bloomberg

B. Investor’s Business Daily

C. Business Insider

D. Yahoo Finance

E. Reuters

F. MarketWatch

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