The 2016 December Fantasy Stock Picking Contest

We just hosted one of our largest-ever fantasy stock picking contests.

More than 1,000 people joined. The top picks are each getting a StockTwits Cashtag Collection shirt of their choice. To see what shirts we have available, go right here.

There were several great picks in this month’s contest. There were also some very poor picks. But most importantly, a few valuable lessons can be learned by simply scrolling through and studying what everyone was saying and predicting. Here are 10 quick insights:

  1. A majority of the worst performing stocks traded for under $5 per share
  2. The majority of picks went “long” a stock as opposed to going “short” a stock
  3. Biotech was a hot sector – some of the most popular picks were those that tried to anticipate the release of a drug or FDA approval
  4. Only a handful of people attempted to trade the election and its impact–but those who did predicted some great trades
  5. The top pick in the contest also had some of the best research to support it including a self-made Google Doc and investment thesis
  6. Most of the best-performing picks had some sort of explanation to back up why
  7. The most popular sectors were biotech and tech while the least popular were utilities and consumer staples
  8. Two semiconductor stocks were extremely popular in this contest yet barely had any presence in our previous contest: $NVDA and $AMD
  9. Surprisingly, some of the most followed stocks on StockTwits (think $AAPL, $TSLA, and $GOOGL) were some of the least picked stocks
  10. Less than 10% of all picks were international ADRs – almost all of them were based in the US

Now, let’s get to the winner. So who was it? The investor @NVOK picked the stock NVCN. He also included his own investment report and thesis, which is linked as a Google Doc. His pick was up nearly 238% during the month of December. The spike was mostly caused by one big catalyst when Boston Scientific bought a 15% stake in the company. Here it is:



We had a lot of fun hosting this contest and we can’t wait to get the next one started. For fun, here are some other great picks that caught our attention.

This long Tesla prediction gained $30 per share



Nailed it?



Winners keep winner? AMD was a solid pick



One of the few post-election picks




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