The 10 Most Viewed Charts Of 2015: Stock Market History and Crude Oil

In this post, we’re looking back and collecting the most viewed charts of the year. You might be surprised to see what popped and what did not. A major theme was crude oil. Three oil charts made the list while the rest were focused on education, history, and humor. Here they are.

1) The first chart will blow your mind. It’s a rare and unique look at the history of equity markets. Through wars, chaos, and euphoria the Dow Jones Industrial Average ($DJIA) has come a long way.

Dow Jones Stock Market History

2) For traders, 2015 was all about oil. It suffered its biggest crash since 2008 and 2009. So no wonder this chart made the list. It shows how oil bottomed during previous sell-offs and crashes

How Crude Oil Has Traded
3) Here’s 66 years of bull and bear market history. Have you ever wondered about the biggest market expansions ($SPY)? All of your answers are here.
Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 3.03.37 PM
4) It can’t be said enough. The crash of crude oil ($CL_F) had everyone’s attention. The following was posted back in February and pointed to crude oil and crude oil volatility. It did a great job pointing out caution. 

Crude Oil Crash 2015

5.) The further you dig into the charts, the more you find just how many traders, investors, and market participants were interested in oil ($USO, $OIL, $DWTI, $UWTI). Here’s a perspective you have to see. It’s the price of oil adjusted for inflation.
Crude Oil Inflation Adjusted

6) Seeing this diagram on the list should bring a smile to you technical analysts. It shows the most common candlestick patterns in technical analysis and how they look.

Candlestick Patterns Trading
7) Although not quite a chart, it was shared on the chart stream and lists the most common psychological biases in money management and behavioral economics. Over the last several years, the field of psychology and how it relates to markets has been growing.

Behavioral Economics and the Stock Market

8) Let’s pretend, for a second, that Steve Harvey was a host on CNBC or Bloomberg. What would happen?

Steve Harvey Meme

9) Here are the greatest lessons anyone can learn from Paul Tudor Jones. Ed Matts did a fantastic job creating this visual. People loved it and we saw it shared across every social media network.

Paul Tudor Jones Quotes and Lessons

10) Ryan Detrick was a popular follow all year long. When the stock suffered its first 10% correction since 2011, he was there to provide clarity and perspective. Here’s an example of what he was doing. It shows all of the biggest corrections since the Financial Crisis and how far they escalated.

Stock Market Corrections


BONUS: It’s so good we couldn’t leave it off. At the core, there’s a great lesson here. Always do your own research and keep learning about the stock market.

Experts, Jim Cramer, Stock Market


If you think we missed a chart, or should review one for the list, please share it on or in the comments below. Also, remember, our official 2016 prediction thread is up. Here’s where people are putting their money in the new year.

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