The 10 Best Messages In the Wake of Twitter Earnings

Seems wrong to “blog” about the company that convinced the world to communicate in 140 characters or less. On the flip side, it seems appropriate to share the best knee-jerk reactions in the immediate wake of the earnings release, as this ability is what twitter’s gift to the world has become.

With this in mind, here are the ten best messages sent on StockTwits immediately in the wake of Twitter’s earnings release:

$TWTR guidance sucks. Seems a bit low-end-of-range for a growth story?

— stefan cheplick (@scheplick) Apr. 29 at 02:04 PM

$TWTR broke even on GAAP basis. But 255M monthly active users is just 6% sequential Increase. Probably not good enough. Down 6% after hours.

— Paul La Monica (@lamonicabuzz) Apr. 29 at 02:06 PM

$TWTR growing 119% YoY revs and finding huge leverage on its biz, falls 9%, feels like bottom to this momo massacre

— Leigh Drogen (@LDrogen) Apr. 29 at 02:13 PM

$TWTR now that they are at break even for the Q, they need look at expenditures, cut some fat, tighten up

— SOULLOR (@SOULLOR) Apr. 29 at 02:15 PM

It’s amazing how $TWTR's pervasiveness continues to be underestimated. Primarily relying on MAUs is a myopic way of evaluating the company.

— Adam Besvinick (@besvinick) Apr. 29 at 02:24 PM

$TWTR I believe that expectations are high for TWTR to go dwn, as the public absorbs the data we will see a change in direction.

— Juan Macias (@Blknite) Apr. 29 at 02:34 PM

$FB use is saturated in the US and has anemic growth in North America. $TWTR at least has a lot of room here and abroad for user growth.

— Jared (@jarsch) Apr. 29 at 02:49 PM

I would love to own $TWTR at the right price. I think its a great platform & will be a great business. Price is my only issue.

— Tsachy Mishal (@CapitalObserver) Apr. 29 at 02:51 PM

95% of politicians, business managers, professionals, graduate students, entertainers & artists actively use $TWTR on a daily basis

— leopardtrader (@leopardtrader) Apr. 29 at 03:08 PM

With a fully diluted EV of ~$24B, $TWTR is approaching the $19B $FB paid for WhatsApp. cc @finkd

— Aron Pinson (@MicroFundy) Apr. 29 at 03:09 PM


Despite the share price reaction, I’m detecting a mostly bullish interpretation of the numbers so far. Tomorrow will be interesting.

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