Teavana Acquisition – Who Knew?

  • By (@ivanhoff) Head of Research and Editor at StockTwits50.com |
  • November 14th, 2012

Tea is the new coffee. Or at least this is the bet Starbucks ($SBUX) is making by acquiring the tea joint for $620M – cool 50% premium for those who woke up on Wednesday, holding $TEA.

I took a good, deep look at $TEA StockTwits Stream, prior to the event today. For the most part, there were no predictive tweets on $TEA. If anything, people were not interested in that symbol at all – there were like 15 messages in the month before November 14.

My friend Brian Lund (@BClund) was apparently drinking from the fountain (literally…as a customer) as he tried to call a bottom in $TEA a couple times over the past month. Here’s his latest post from Wednesday morning. Based on his writing, the SEC is probably checking if by any chance his grandmother owns 5,000 $13 $TEA November Calls.

There were some intraday opportunities for quick scalpers that paid attention – but again in this case price was the news. Some people noticed unusual price action around 10:54 PST. (sorry Eastcoasters)

Then at 11:10 PST (that’s 2:10 Normal market time):

So people had 15 more min to buy before it was halted, but it would be cheesy to say that we predicted it. No one did.

In the grand scheme of things, very few expected that acquisition. 14% of TEA’s float was short.

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