Stories Matter. How Are You Communicating Your Company’s Story?

Earnings matter.

Revenues matter.

Fundamentals matter.

However, one might argue that your Story matters even more.

In a recent blog post from momentum growth investor Ivaylo Ivanhoff (@ivanhoff), he submits [emphasis mine]:

Prices change when expectations change and expectations change when prices change. A good story that could capture the imagination could change expectations. The dream of future profits is what excites people, not the reality.

And all of this could be started with just a good story about a better future. This is how perceptions become a reality.

~ @ivanhoff, “How Stock Prices Impact Fundamentals

If you accept this as a market truth, how are you communicating your company’s story? Are you sending out press releases? Are you holding invite-only conference calls? Are you sponsoring random golf tournaments? That’s all nice, but is it enough?

Have you considered leveraging trusted voices who’ve earned their reputations through honest work, persistence, and capital-at-risk?

More than ever, investors are turning to their social networks to research their investment thesis. They are asking questions of people who have earned respect in their communities. They are sharing ideas with others and seeking feedback. They are networking and sharing contacts. All of this is happening via social networks. All of this is happening on StockTwits.

Do you have a voice in these conversations? Should you?

At StockTwits, we are evangelizing social as a viable and effective communication channel for companies to engage, discuss, and amplify their story across the financial web.

Will you join us?



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