Big Changes to StockTwitsTV

This Friday marked the last live broadcast on StockTwitsTV.  Many of our broadcasters will continue to produce live shows, however you will now access them directly on that broadcaster’s blog or website.

This past weekend Steven Place was the first to move his live shows to a new location.  Be sure to follow @StockTwitsTV, which will tweet links and announcements of live shows and new videos as they are published.

Live isn’t the only thing that’s changing at StockTwits.TV. We will no longer operate as a television network. Since 2009 StockTwits.TV has been releasing videos on a set schedule, similar to a traditional broadcast television station with a time-based broadcast schedule. While this format allowed us to keep the player on our front page active with content all day long, we have found that it is not the most effective way to deliver content to the viewer.

We are making StockTwits.TV more timely, relevant & easier to access.

Over the next few weeks you will see dramatic changes to StockTwits.TV.  We will be bringing in a whole new generation of top-notch contributors from the StockTwits community.  We will be re-launching the site as a comprehensive portal for on-demand financial video, with instant access to the freshest videos, video browsing and search by ticker, and the ability to follow your favorite broadcasters so you never miss a video.  Additionally, we will be adding value to following @StockTwitsTV as a way to keep updated on new videos and live broadcasts without having to leave the stream.

Since 2009 StockTwits.TV content has been viewed millions of times. These new format changes are a result of the incredible feedback we have received from our viewers over the past two years.  The entire StockTwits.TV family thanks you for tuning in, and we hope that these changes will improve your experience consuming videos from the StockTwits community.  As always, we are around for any questions or support – please direct them to @StockTwitsTV.

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