StockTwitsTV Bringing Viewers Live Coverage of CES 2011

StockTwitsTV is bringing viewers excellent live coverage of the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

Below is a schedule of the coverage which we will be updating as the show continues. In addition, we will be adding follow up commentary and interviews relating to the CES presentations from experts within our community.

If you would like to submit your commentary video directly to StockTwitsTV, you can use the one click screencast feature and we will promote and air the best ones! Also, you can email me your clips or blog post commentary directly at phil at stocktwits dot com.

Here is the StockTwitsTV CES programming schedule so far:

Intel ($INTC) – LIVE @ 1PM ET Wednesday Jan 5

Samsung – LIVE @ 5PM ET Wednesday Jan 5

Panasonic – LIVE @ 6PM ET Wednesday Jan 5

Motorola ($MOT) – LIVE 7PM ET Wednesday Jan 5

Verizon ($VZ) – LIVE KEYNOTE 11:30AM ET Thursday Jan 6

Skype ($SKYPE) – LIVE 1:30PM ET Thursday Jan 6

Audi – LIVE 2PM ET Thursday Jan 6

Samsung – LIVE KEYNOTE 7:30PM ET Jan 6

Ford ($F) – LIVE 2PM ET Jan 7

Be sure to check back for updates to this as we add more LIVE content.

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