StockTwits Pro Tips: Dedicated Equities, Forex and Futures Chart Streams

Our most recent redesign allows you much greater control over how you filter StockTwits Streams.

Let’s say you are an equities trader who wants to see the StockTwits Charts Stream to find ideas and well chalked price visulaizations but you do not want to see the Forex or Futures charts.

Or visa versa, you are a Forex trader who woul like to see all of the Forex Charts without the equities.

Here’s what you do:

To get the Equities Only Charts Stream, click: Home > More Streams > Equities > Charts

To get the Forex only Charts Stream, click: Home > More Streams > Forex > Charts

To get to Futures only Charts Streams, click: Home > More Streams > Futures > Charts

Here’s a quick video to walk you through it:


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