StockTwits Pro Tip: Tracking Only Charts From Only Those You Follow on StockTwits

At the end of last week, we announced the integration of Chartly into StockTwits.

The redesign allows for much more flexibility in terms of how you can organize and consume member generated charts.

For example, you can now have a dedicated stream including only charts from only those members you follow on StockTwits.

This is great for chartists who follow a host of other chartists.

To do this, click: Home > More Streams > Following People > Charts.

I made a 45 second video so you can see me do it just in case the above path is confusing…

If you would like a stream of only charts of the members and stocks you follow, then the path is:

Home > More Streams > Following: People and Stocks > Charts.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me below in the comments or by replying to me on the StockTwits stream.

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