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At StockTwits, our community is our lifeblood. The millions of traders who rely on our service every day don’t just do so for the invaluable information we offer. They rely on each other for trading ideas, sentiment, and an overall sense of camaraderie in the oft-isolating field of finance.

That’s why we launched the StockTwits Future Forum, our new event series with great speakers, great food, great drinks, and a great place for the StockTwits community to get together after the market close.

Last night, StockTwits and SMB Capital brought together nearly a hundred StockTwits users at Park Avenue’s PS450 for the first Future Forum. It was there where traders and investors of various backgrounds talked about everything from options strategies to shipping companies, election dislocations to automated trading.

Best of all, SMB Capital’s top traders were there all night to talk with our community members and give their take on the state of the markets.stocktwits-future-1

Having SMB Capital, a proprietary trading firm, meet with full-time and part-time traders is what makes StockTwits and our Future Forum series so unique. Whether our members are changing careers or supplementing their income through their investments, SMB and StockTwits staff spoke individually with everyone in attendance about their personal approach to the market, what they cared about most in finance, and what they were interested in learning about for the future. You won’t find any other place where industry experts and individual traders converge in a lighthearted atmosphere for the sake of bettering their portfolio.

SMB has a longstanding history with StockTwits, which is why we specifically partnered with them for the event. As SMB co-founder Mike Bellafiore put it as he addressed the capacity crowd, “I find it hard to think of us as sponsors. We’re more like family.”

If you missed out on the first Future Forum event, fear not. There are many more to come. Like our previous events, this new experience remains free for our community.

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