StockTwits Charts Pro Tips & Tidbits for November, 2012

We are getting more charts posted directly to the StockTwits Charts Stream than ever before and are grateful to our members for the high quality analysis across asset classes and stock tickers.

Its just incredible to see the breadth and depth of technical analysis knowledge pulled together in one place.

Here’s some pro tips and tidbits chartists might find useful on StockTwits.


Chart Viewing Tips: 

1. Follow @Chartly on StockTwits to get a curated stream of charts posted to StockTwits. Each day, we share some of the very best. Following @Chartly is also a good way to discover great chartists to follow on your Home Stream.

2. You can follow the full StockTwits Charts Stream HERE and even set that as your default Home stream if you like.

This provides a stream of all charts posted directly to StockTwits which is a lot. Some members shrink this stream in the browser and leave it open all day for a steady supply of chartists’ eyes throughout the day.

3. StockTwits members can filter any stream to show only the charts that have been posted by clicking on the Charts tab directly above the stream. This includes your Home Streams, member profile streams and ticker streams. Read more about how to do this HERE.

4. You can set your default viewing of every stream to Charts by going to Settings, selecting Charts for Stream Preference and then clicking the Update Button. For more on this, go HERE.

Chart Posting Tips:

1. For a primer on how to post Charts directly to StockTwits, go HERE.

2. 2 superb charting platforms have recently updated their applications to include the StockTwits API in order to allow their users to post charts directly to StockTwits.

TradingView & ChartIQ do a heck of a job and both are worth checking out and getting to know. By using these applications, you can chalk up your charts and then post them directly to StockTwits. Sweet!

3. When you post a chart to StockTwits, be sure to Cashtag it appropriately.

If you are posting an Amazon chart, use $AMZN in the message. If you are posting a comparison chart between gold and silver, use $GLD and $SLV (or $GC_F & $SI_F if you are comparing the futures of these metals).

Cashtagging the charts allows your charts to stream to that ticker page and across our large content distribution network so the most people who are interested in the tagged tickers will see these charts.

Do not cashtag charts with tickers that are unrelated to the chart you posted as this filters your chart to the wrong streams.

As always, if you have any questions about StockTwits Charts you can reply to @Chartly on StockTwits or email me directly at Phil at stocktwits dot com.


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