Why You Have Be At This Year’s Stocktoberfest



Coronado is an island community one beautiful bridge ride away from downtown San Diego. It’s also where hundreds of investors, traders, and fintech entrepreneurs gather each year for a special event called Stocktoberfest.

“Where Wall Street meets Silicon Valley”

On October 13, we’re bringing the two worlds together. You’ll meet and hear some of the smartest people we know in venture capital, technical analysis, and portfolio management. Howard Lindzon, founder of StockTwits, will be moderating the entire event and here are a few presentations we’re all excited for:

Josh Brown (CEO at Ritholtz Wealth Management) is talking about the current state financial markets

Morgan Housel (Collaborative Fund) is having a fireside chat with StockTwits founder Howard Lindzon

Jack Mohr (Chief Investment Strategist at TheStreet) on what it’s like to build a portfolio with Jim Cramer

Naval Ravikant (AngelList founder and CEO) is talking about venture capital, start-ups, and his company AngelListscreen-shot-2016-10-03-at-9-53-13-am

More than 50 speakers are attending this year’s event and their experiences range from Silicon Valley to Wall Street. There will be networking, new business deals, and plenty of tacos, beer, and sun. If you’re still not convinced, here are a few reviews about prior Stocktoberfest events:

“And where else would I get a chance to have conversations with legends like Jack Schwager (market wizard series author) or Jerry Parker (original turtle of Richard Dennis). Or the fact that I could eat dinner while listening to Ross Levinsohn (prior CEO to $YHOO) speak on media companies.” – Evan Medeiros, The Trade Risk

“Four years ago, the idea of bringing together tech and finance was an odd juxtaposition at best… But that’s all changed. While this was once a fairly bifurcated conference, where finance and tech panels alternated one after the other, a new cohesion is now apparent. Finance and technology have converged to the point where just about every presentation at Stocktoberfest encompasses some element of both.” – Josh Brown, The Reformed Broker

“It was a rare melding of Wall Street and Silicon Valley, two worlds that rarely see eye-to eye, much less attend the same event. It’s a rare individual that can maneuver both realms deftly at once, but that is precisely what Howard Lindzon, StockTwits’ founder and the day’s fast-talking, wise-cracking ringmaster, does every day.” – Erin Griffith, Pando

If this sounds interesting to you or your company, head over to the official Stocktoberfest site.


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