How The Internet’s Biggest List Of Stock Market Cliches Started


There’s a great list being created. It’s a compilation of all the most popular stock market sayings and cliches. As of this writing, there are over 250 phrases on the list and it continues to grow each week. For those who constantly watch the stock market or hang out with traders and investors, a list like this will definitely entertain you.

We recently had a quick Q&A with the list’s creator. We wanted to know why he started the list and what people can learn from it. Here’s our conversation:

1. What inspired you to start compiling these stock market cliches and sayings?

The StockTwits community has helped me to keep abreast of the latest terminology and buzzwords in the financial markets.  My humorous take on the equities community’s ever-developing lexicon was to build a list of those phrases we see time and again.  To my pleasant surprise, contributions from StockTwits users began pouring in, and suddenly I was hurled headlong into the strange and fascinating world of list curation.

2. Why do you think certain cliches catch on? “To the moon” comes to mind, for example. It has caught on with so many traders and yet it almost makes no sense!

Indeed, “To the moon!” and many other stock market cliches conjure up colorful images and emotions that capture the thrill of victory as well as the agony of defeat that traders often feel: “Face ripper,” “Gap and go,” “Rug pull,” and “Timber!” are just a few examples of this. Other cliches are catchy because they rhyme (“Pump and dump,” “The trend is your friend,” “Sell in May and go away”) or because they embody a market truth in a pithy or memorable way (“Pigs get slaughtered,” “A rising tide lifts all boats”). The one thing that all cliches have in common is that they stick in one’s mind, much like an overplayed but catchy song.

3. How big is the list right now and how much bigger do you think it can get?

Amazingly, the list started out with fewer than 100 items but is now up to 250! This is almost entirely due to the tireless and prolific minds of the StockTwits community. The current list can be downloaded here. StockTwits members can contact me @davidmoadel if they would like to suggest additions to the list.

4. What’s your background in markets? How did you get started?

My father started me on the investing/trading journey in 2006, when I made my first purchase of the ever popular SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust (market ticker SPY). I’ve moved on to the more advanced world of options trading, but occasionally I’ll make a common stock/ETF purchase when I’m feeling nostalgic. I like to mix trading/investing with teaching; I’ve been an educator since 1995 and my master’s degree is in education. The StockTwits community has given me an opportunity to educate others while also learning from the collective trading experience of others.

5. If you had to pick, what market cliche has the most truth to it in your opinion?

That’s an easy one for me: “Let the trade come to you.” I’ve heard it many times from numerous sources, but it’s a cliche that has reminded me time and again to stay patient and not over-trade. It just goes to show how cliches, even though they drive us crazy sometimes, can actually be a good thing.


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