Social Media Use For Investor Relations is Clearly Here to Stay



Don’t take our word for it, listen to Q4 Web Systems:

“Social media use in IR is clearly here to stay.” ~ Q4 Web Systems, August 2013 white paper.

Q4 Web Systems, a leader in corporate websites and social media solutions for public companies, is out with an excellent white paper this month discussing trends they are seeing in corporate adoption of social media as a viable and necessary strategy in transparently communicating with their target audiences.

Naturally, we agree. We are seeing first-hand how public companies are using their verified official accounts on StockTwits to engage with investor communities who crave insight and color direct from IR departments – the type of info that used to only be shared with most favored clients (read: largest players). And the response companies are getting is nothing short of remarkable.

“63% of institutional investors say that social media will become increasingly more important to them.”

Social media is not just a “retail trader” phenomenon. Market participants of all levels visit StockTwits every day to quickly get up to speed on what’s moving, why, context, and up-to-the-minute investor sentiment. And no matter what social platform your audience is on (StockTwits, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin) or which finance portal they visit for fundamental data (Yahoo finance, Reuters, Bloomberg, CNNMoney, & more), public companies can reach them all from one place via their StockTwits Investor Relations dashboard. Just hitting “send” one time on a message broadcasts your content to the widest possible audience – instantly.

“NIRI’s recent survey results… 52% of institutional investors use social media as part of their research process and the vast majority of these respondents indicates that it has influenced their investment decisions at least occasionally.”

“It is encouraging to note that almost half of IRO respondents in the 2013 NIRI survey who do not use social media plan to reassess their IR programs within the next 12 months”

As the investor community continues to explore and evolve into reliance on social media to be kept informed, research an investing thesis, or to seek input from trusted sources, the need for transparent and timely info straight from public companies becomes paramount.

“Sharing industry-related information provides more context around a company’s business and will help investors better understand the investment opportunity. It can also help establish the company as a credible source of information on their industry and build trust with investors who will see the company as wanting to help them understand their market and overall opportunity.”

It has been great to see companies seize the opportunity to be thought-leaders in their space by sharing great third-party content via StockTwits. And the best part is, companies can share this content in a fully-compliant manner by using compliance features powered by StockTwitsIR. When users view third-party content, the referring company’s custom compliance information will be draped tastefully at the top of the webpage for easy reference.

There is so much great info and data in this Q4 Web Systems white paper. If you are an IRO or an executive at a public company, please take a few minutes out of your day to give this a thorough read.

And if you’d like more info on using the StockTwits Investor Relations dashboard as your tool for compliant content distribution, please visit here or contact Sean McLaughlin at, (720) 638-2991, or StockTwits/twitter at @chicagosean.



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