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Since today is Halloween, seems like a good time to discuss one of the biggest hurdles for public companies to engage with their investors via social channels: Fear.

Fear is one of the biggest challenges I face when speaking to public companies about why they need to integrate social engagement into their Investor Relations workflow. Fear that they’ll say the wrong thing, or worse – fear that they’ll get into hot water with the Regulators. They’ve all seen the dustup created when Netflix CEO Reed Hastings shared some material information on Facebook a while back (All of which got cleared up. No harm, no foul), and they fear that could happen to them.

We listen to our customers and StockTwits has provided public companies tools to message via social channels with the appropriate legal disclaimers or disclosures, enabling them to be fully compliant.

Here are three ways StockTwits customers are using social disclaimers to balance their investor communications:

  • Safe Harbor Statement.¬†Whether viewing the ticker stream of a company that has a verified official company presence on StockTwits, or viewing the company’s profile page, along the right rail of the page you will see an info box with links to further company info and a snippet of their customized Safe Harbor Statement with a link to click through to it’s entirety.


Safe Harbor Statement



  • Shortened In-Message Link. When crafting a message in the StockTwits IR dashboard, customers are able to select the appropriate custom disclaimer to attach to their messages from a simple drop-down menu.


Message Disclaimer

…and the message will appear on StockTwits and wherever else it is viewed like this:

compliant message

Further, clicking on the link in the message will expand the message to display the message with the entire disclaimer below:

full disclaimer message

  • Banner Disclaimer on 3rd-Party Websites. When sharing a link to a blog, news story, or industry source that you think your investors would find interesting – but you don’t want to be held responsible for the contents – your disclaimer/disclosure will appear as a small banner atop the website when a user clicks your link:


banner disclaimer

These simple disclaimer options make it easy for public companies to engage with their social investor audience with confidence. If your IR team is not currently engaging in social, or would like better tools to reach a more focused and relevant audience, contact StockTwits. We can help.

– Sean McLaughlin

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