Q&A With Ford Motor Company CFO Robert Shanks


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StockTwits is pleased to announce that Ford Motor Company will once again be taking questions from the StockTwits community to be answered by CFO Robert Shanks.

Ford ($F) releases their latest quarterly earnings results and guidance at 7am ET on Wednesday, July 24th. The @Ford stream maintained by the Ford Investor Relations team will publish all key bullet points from their report on StockTwits in tandem with Wednesday mornings’ release.

To follow up their conference call, CFO Robert Shanks encourages the StockTwits community to send their questions for him to answer.  Please get your questions in before the markets close on Wednesday afternoon (4pm ET).  When crafting your message, be sure to address it to @Ford and include the ticker symbol $F. Mr. Shanks will publish his answers to some of the best questions received on Thursday (July 25th).

Click here for a Transcript from latest quarter’s Q&A.

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