$PUT, $CALL, and the NEW Options Stream

As we continue to build and grow our focus will be on providing our users with great tools to filter and customize StockTwits for their needs.  One of these tools is the new Options Stream .  All options related tickers will go to this stream.  Here’s a breakdown of the tickers, including two new ones – $PUT and $CALL:

$PUT and $CALL

A key feature of the new Options stream is the $PUT and $CALL symbol tags.  With these tags we are creating dedicated streams to put and call options and then aggregating them in the new Options Stream.

For example, if you want to mention that you Sold 1 $GS June 160 Put you would tweet “Sold 1 $GS June 150 $PUT.  If you bought 10 $AAPL April 250 Calls you would tweet “Bought 10 $AAPL April 250 $CALL’s” and the new Options stream would pick it up.  As long as you use $PUT or $CALL in the tweet, the Options Stream will pick it up.  See below:

$VIX, $VXX, $VXN, and $VX_F Streams

In addition to $PUT and $CALL, the Options Stream aggregates all conversation about the various Volatility indices and products.  This includes:

$VIX – The CBOE Volatility Index

$VXX – The iPath S&P 500 VIX Short Term Futures ETN

$VXN – The CBOE NASDAQ100 Volatility Index

$VX_F – The CBOE Volatility Index Futures Contract

We think this is a great way to give options traders their own stream and community within StockTwits and lays some groundwork for some interesting things. such as a StockTwits $PUT / $CALL Ratio.  Please let us know your thoughts.

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