Public Companies: Your Public Info Needs to Be More Public

We at StockTwits have long held the belief that Investors deserve immediate access to public info.

It is no longer acceptable that “public info” is disseminated via expensive subscription-only platforms, via broker phone calls to their most valuable (highest commission generating) clients, or later in the day on the nightly business television news recap. All investors large and (especially) small deserve a seat at the table when market-moving information is broadcast. It’s our money, we deserve to know how it’s being managed. Public company info needs to be more public.

In recent weeks, regulatory agencies have been signalling their softening stance towards social media channels as acceptable venues for public disclosures. Meanwhile at StockTwits, we’ve been busy building and fortifying distribution channels for public companies to have a voice where the public is congregating to discover and discuss all aspects of fundamentals, technicals, and sentiment that are the key drivers moving their stocks.

Public companies are currently utilizing StockTwits to not only engage with the very active StockTwits community (check out what Ford did recently!), but to have their messages published across our distribution network which includes Yahoo! Finance, Reuters, CNN Money, Bloomberg, Globe and Mail, Marketsmith, and more. Basically, all the largest financial properties on the web.

If you are a public company and not providing information to your investors when they want it (now) and where they want it (everywhere), talk to StockTwits. We’ll set you up with a Verified Official Company account and get you broadcasting and engaging, thus building visibility, trust, and goodwill with your investors.


One Message In One Place Gets Broadcasted to Multiple Venues


For more info or to arrange for a web demo:

~ Sean McLaughlin, @chicagosean

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