ProTip: Create Your Own Experience on StockTwits

StockTwits is where Investors, Traders, Money Managers, Journalists, and Public Companies meet to exchange and discover ideas. Each market day, many of our more than 300,000 active participants log in to quickly get up-to-date on what’s moving, why, and to offer their perspective.

What makes our community unique is the breadth of experience, timeframes, and backgrounds. Everyone from Joe Hedgefund Manager to Susie E*Trade Account to Tommy TV Personality brings their unique perspective to bear when interacting with others to arrive at what forms the sentiment that drives stocks prices.

We at StockTwits recognize that in a social media world where users can create anonymous personas, it is easy for the often emotionally-charged battlefield of the markets to bring out the less-then-positive social attributes of people who probably shouldn’t ever be let out of the house ;)

To establish a code of Best Practices, we’ve created a simple set of common sense House Rules that help guide us. Please review them here. The Cliff’s Notes version of our rules starts and ends here:

Rule #1: Respect Others.

Nothing else matters if Rule #1 is not standard practice for each and every member.

Unfortunately, when Rule #1 is violated, it subtracts value from the community. It negatively impacts the 99% of our participants who each day constructively add value via thoughtful participation. The 99% are here to learn, share, discover, and grow.

So here’s your ProTip:

If you see a user who is subtracting value from your experience due to a differing timeframe, trading style, or just plain being rude… you can take the very simple step of “blocking” this user so that you no longer see his/her messages. When viewing one of their messages, simply hover your mouse over their avatar and in the resulting pop-up profile card, select “block.” Poof! Your streams will now be free of that user’s content.

In the case of a user who is flagrantly ignoring our House Rules (verbally abusing others, for example), the simplest way to tackle that problem is to again hover your mouse over their avatar and click “Report.” This sends an alert to our team of moderators who will quickly take appropriate action where necessary. And in the meantime, you might as well go ahead and block that person too. You don’t need to pay attention to a user that behaves in this fashion.

Screen Shot 2013-06-16 at 7.02.08 PM

These two very simple yet powerful tools are excellent ways to help you custom create the appropriate environment for you. Use them liberally. Life’s too short and markets move too fast for you to have to wade through unproductive noise.

Side-note on reporting messages: while we encourage users to make liberal use of the “block” and “Report” features, keep in mind that there’s nothing inherently wrong with a user being bearish on a stock you’re bullish on. Differences of opinion are what create the trading/investing ideas we all hope to exploit. A difference of opinion should be encouraged and embraced.

~ @chicagosean


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