Pro Tips for the New StockTwits: The Mega Pop Out Window

This is what the StockTwits Mega Popout Charts stream looks like while I am perusing FT Alphaville on my desktop

There are a bunch of great features in the new StockTwits design that you might not notice at first blush.

One of them is super cool for investors and traders who want to stay tuned to their favorite streams while desktop real estate trades at a premium.

Its a characteristic of responsive design and we call it The StockTwits Mega Pop Out!

Simply narrow your web browser to the width you want and StockTwits narrows along with it while maintaining full functionality. You can still message and reply, search, pull up recently visited streams, get a quote and check your inbox etc.


Here’s a larger view:


We still have the old school StockTwits Pop out for those who prefer it which can be accessed from a link just above any stream on the site.

If you have any questions or comments about the StockTwits Mega Pop Out or anything else related to the new site, please leave a comment on this post or @ reply me (@ppearlman) on StockTwits.





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