Pro Tips For The New StockTwits: Streams and WatchLists

The new StockTwits makes it easy to find, create and pull up the streams you want quickly.

The Streams You Want

You can find all of the StockTwits streams you love including Following, Suggested, Trending, Charts, Forex, Futures etc by clicking More Streams just below the message entry box.

StockTwits will then save the most recent stream you have visited and when you click Home, The StockTwits Logo or the Alt+h hot key, it will take you back to that most recently visited stream.

In addition, it will save your 3 most recently visited streams with navigation buttons centrally located just above the stream for quick access.

This is what the page looks like once you have clicked More Streams and you then simply click which stream you would like to navigate to.


Creating Watchlists

To create a watchlist, simply click More Streams again and then click Add New under Watchlists.

Once you have done this, create a name for the watchlist and add the symbols you want in it seperated by a space. Don’t worry if you miss one as you can always go back and edit the list.


To view a watchlist, click More Streams and then click the watchlist you want. Simple.

Once you have visited a Watchlist, it then becomes one of the 3 saved streams with the quick access button right above the stream.

If you have any questions, please ask in the comments below or @ reply me (@ppearlman)  me on StockTwits



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