Pro Tips for the New StockTwits: Hotkeys FTW!

Aside from the beautiful new look and responsive design, there are a bunch of new features on the New StockTwits you might not immediately notice that make our members’ experience richer and more efficient.

For instance, we’ve added a number of Hotkeys that make it easier to navigate the new site.

These Hot Keys (or keyboard shortcuts) are triggered by pressing the Alt key on your keyboard plus a letter at the same time. StockTwits Hotkeys perform site functions for you on the site without having to use a drop down menu or find the right link and they make for fast navigation.

Here’s a quick list of StockTwits Hotkeys:

Use These Hotkeys from Anywhere on the Site

Alt + h = Home

Alt + i = Inbox

Alt = n = Opens New Message Box

Use These Hotkeys from your Home Page

Alt + f = Following: Your People and Stocks Stream

Alt + p = Following: Your People Stream

Alt + s = the Suggested Stream

Alt + t = The Trending Stream

Alt + u = The Futures Stream

Alt + x = The Forex Stream

Alt + e = The Equities Stream

Alt + a = the All Stream

Alt + c = The Charts Stream

Alt + o = the Options Stream

Alt + r = The Commentary Stream

Alt + v = The Private Companies Stream

Alt + i + h = @ivanhoff’s Stream



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